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Swimming Suits

I was going to have a heart attack.  You see, my in-laws were in town and stayed in a hotel since our basement is a flood zone.  So we decided to take four mobile children to a pool. Why? I have … Continue reading

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Life in a Pond

The privilege to join Wordgirl’s class on her last kindergarten field trip was not exactly what I thought it would be. First we took a $152,000 net and a empty white margerine container.  (that’s what the lady said, but I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Birthday Presents

I want to think that my superstars will have the exact same experience I did in school. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t disgusting. I was able to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.  I never went to a … Continue reading

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The Mouse In "Our" House

Has been CAUGHT! image courtesty of rbx74 We had to endure through an entire week of company.We had to endure through two/three (I lost count in there somewhere) weeks of misplaced everything. We still have to endure through figuring out … Continue reading

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Entering A New Phase

Ring Ring Me:  Hello? Girl on the other end of the line:  she’s answered! What do I say? Um, hi! Can my friend come over and play? Me:  Who? Girl: My friend? Me:  Who’s calling? Girl:  This is Morgan and can … Continue reading

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In the spirit of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes

Thank you, drunk woman, for convincing me to give you a ride for 5 miles with your “baby” Brian (aka your boyfriend, please stop repeating yourself that he is your baby) in the back seat with Wordgirl.  And thank you … Continue reading

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I am surrounded by homeschoolers. I do not feel negative toward homeschooling.  At. All. For some people it is the perfect situation. I am not upset if you choose to homeschool.  Whatever you need to do. But I never thought … Continue reading

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