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just another day at children’s hospital, minneapolis

today was dane’s big day. i was slightly worried that he wouldn’t be able to get his ear tubes because he got a cold after his pre-op physical. but he didn’t have a fever so all was well. phew!we brought … Continue reading

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in their eyes

we’re taking over mommy’s blog (we don’t even know what a blog is!) because we gotta tell you about this really cool thing we got to go to. we met all these people. all these people came from our grandma … Continue reading

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he loves to play

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cute pics

not on vacation, but oh, so cute! dane’s such a big boy! still not on vacation, but funny! brin is a ham! she put the hat on all by herself. our bird of flight. not really a hawk OR a … Continue reading

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our "poopy" vacation was literally poopy.well, maybe more correctly i should have entitled this post: our bodily fluid vacation. i haven’t downloaded our pics yet to upload them to my post, but i will update the pics later.this is what made our … Continue reading

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friday’s fave five: praise the lord!

join me as we participate with susanne from living to tell the story for this week’s friday’s fave five. 1. dane took his first step yesterday! i went to pick the kids up from andrea’s and when i bent down … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: i’m sorry but this is SOOO funny

angie from seven clown circus hosts this carnival and i love participating each week. i may not have much to say, but there’s always a little something! dane was happily playing in his room, the girls were doing their “binder … Continue reading

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the story of a boy

once upon a time, a little boy was born. (aka the best surprise ever or the bse) without further ado, the bse: the bse grew. and with growing came the growing pains. reflux pains to be exact. he was not … Continue reading

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if superman lived at our house…

this is what he’s eat… this is how he would ride…. this is how he would fly…. this would be his smallville…. and this would be his metropolis…. happy early birthday, big guy! we love you! (more to come on … Continue reading

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day of dedication *corrected*

despite the fact that chris’s back is incredibly painful. and despite the fact that we had 1/2 hour to get everyone dressed (all FIVE of us) and out the door. and despite the fact that it was FREEZING (42 degrees … Continue reading

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