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Top 5 Children’s Games and Activities for Moms Who Don’t Want to Play

  When I was a wee one, I remember asking (no, make that begging and pleading) my mom to play with me.  She would.  She would obligingly sit down, dress a doll, maybe comb the doll’s hair, and try to do as … Continue reading

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I Loved and Hated Being A Work At Home Mom

When my oldest was a baby, I had the opportunity to continue working with my company from home.  I worked from home for about 18 months.  Then, I had another baby, and the project was finished by the time I … Continue reading

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Lessons from Little Robin Red Breast

Robins made a nest right under our front window.  We could see it out of our window.  It was soooo cool.  Then, they got scared away by one un-named superstar. Then, they built a nest in a tree in the … Continue reading

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Missing Persons

I am not missing. I am here. Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t been more active blogging. Maybe it’s because I am trying to focus on “real” writing and not blog writing. But honestly, I don’t think that’s true … Continue reading

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National Help a Pregnant Lady Day

On her blog, my friend, Amanda, declared today, March 3, to be National Help a Pregnant Lady Day.She suggested sending links to her post to my friends so that someone would get the idea and give me a hand today. … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek of my Life at Work

Can you believe I’ve been at my job working for 9 years? Andy,You know how I’ve been working on those labels in Access?I thought I was doing so well until Christine told me that she needed to figure out how … Continue reading

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6 weeks ago, I had a problem. This problem had to do with childcare.I HATE looking for CHILDCARE.Since Wordgirl has been born, I have worked.I got to be a work at home mom when Wordgirl was born.When Princess Pea was … Continue reading

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a morning funny and an afternoon funny

Chris didn’t sleep well last night due to a little girl who woke up inthe middle of the night and “needed” to sleep with mommy and daddy (consequently, I slept great!). Anyway, since Princess Pea caused some poor sleep for … Continue reading

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in the holiday spirit: pediatric-pulmonology-style

update: i know that i haven’t posted for a while. but it’s not for lack of trying!!!! i have been trying to post since monday 12/14/09. i have been trying for days to post this video. one night i ran … Continue reading

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