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for fore four 4

maya is four. what happened to my little 3 year old who was looking forward to a new baby brother (who she insisted was a girl) and awana cubbies? those milestones have come and gone. now having dane in the … Continue reading

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not so not me monday

as of last night, stellan is still hanging on. and we still need to be praying for him since right now that’s all he is doing. praying for him, his mckmama, and his family. oh, i am so sad for … Continue reading

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success! part 2

just a “few” more pictures to show everyone. i wanted to make sure i highlighted each of our guests! and some of the fun i missed in part one! being acrobats was fun! everyone took a turn to do a … Continue reading

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success! part one

below you will see the first part of our first ever friend birthday party. everyone really ought to be getting up from their naps right now, but it took me 45 minutes to get the pictures in the right order … Continue reading

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coming: a big day!

i am so blessed to have the most articulate, dramatic, sensitive little 3 year old–oh, i mean almost 4 year old– in the world. she is caring and thoughtful. she doesn’t have much moxie, BUT we are learning to shake … Continue reading

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hurting hearts

i went to college with mckmama. she probably took classes with my husband since they were both education majors. however, i didn’t know her except that she was that pretty girl who was really popular and i totally wasn’t in … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday: a sneak peek at spring (or mother nature is playing a cruel joke once again on us minnesotans)

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just another tuesday

image courtesy of tuesday tip: i got this from my friend, jeanelle. if you need to do some housecleaning, give your little ones, a spray bottle each and a rag. have them “clean” the bathroom while you clean the … Continue reading

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not ready for not me monday

i was all ready to do not me monday today, but after reading mckmama’s updated posts, i’m not really in the mood to write a silly post. which is all for the better, really, since i don’t think i could … Continue reading

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on your mark….get set….go!

i like races. (even nascar! talledega, anyone? go jimmy johnson! go casey kahne! for chris–go carl edwards! go mark martin!) however, i am talking about running races. if there is one thing i am not, though, it’s competitive okay, i … Continue reading

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