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Just Because You Love Me

Graduating college was exciting because that summer I was going to be getting married.  So I had an answer for the now-what-are-you-going-to-do question.  Me–I’m getting married. Them–Then what? Me–I don’t know.  I guess I’ll find a job.Them–Oh. And that’s what … Continue reading

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I think I’m Missing Something

Target gave money to one of the candidates for governor here in Minnesota. Some people are really upset about this.  One lady who was interviewed for the news said, “I don’t think companies should tell us how to vote.” My question … Continue reading

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Last Week to Enter Giveaway

This is the last week to enter my $100 Visa card Giveaway sponsored by Crystal Light.  Take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

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6th Grade: Worth the Wait

Join with me as I join Janna in recording my youth for my superstars! Anticipating 6th grade was so exciting. While hanging out in Mrs. Aliotta’s class, I remember hearing and seeing the 6th grade teachers. I couldn’t WAIT to … Continue reading

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Let me Introduce You to ….. the Sleep Lady

If I could have a new best friend whom I have never met, her name would be the Sleep Lady (aka Kim West, but for all intensive purposes we will refer to her as TSL–because I. Am. Lazy.).  There is … Continue reading

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(With all our Strength) My Hidden Agenda

A comment on my last With all our Strength post from Carry  got me thinking. Although I didn’t agree with it fully because I think everything we do can worship God, it made me think. This question was what came to my mind:  Have … Continue reading

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$100 Visa Card Giveaway

Don’t forget to check out my Giveaway and sign up to win.

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Series of Unfortunate Events

What happens when you stuff 16 people into our basement due to a tornado warning? and Can you find the missing nuk? Nothing ever seems to go smoothly when Jenny, Dacia, Megan, Andrea, and I–or any combination from here on out, usually it involves … Continue reading

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Featured on Blogher

I have a post syndicated on Blogher!  It is pretty cool! You can check it out here. It’s my post about my WIC experience.  The only post that has ever raised even a tiny bit of controversy on my blog.   Check … Continue reading

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In 5th Grade I was 10

Join with me as I join Janna in recording my youth for my superstars! Disclaimer:  No pictures for a while as they are packed away and are who knows where.  5th grade has some vivid memories. Kaydee Cin was my best … Continue reading

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