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"baby" brilliance: warning–bragging blog

one of my favorite thanksgiving pictures that didn’t make it to the christmas card! i always knew my babies were brilliant, but i would like to share, in most recent occurrences, my proof.princess pea was helping chris build a dresser … Continue reading

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isaiah 1-5

image courtesy of here is my quick synaposis of isaiah 1-5. i decided to do this to see how they fit together. i have to say that i don’t this very well. i do much better at digging through … Continue reading

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weekend thoughts: thankful as an adult

crystal at life at the circus hosts this carnival. i’m not sure if she is doing it this week or not, but i thought i would still give it a whirl.i have always been thankful for my parents. i grew … Continue reading

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friday fave five: black friday

thanksgiving pics are going to have to wait as i am in wi with my parents. chris had to work black friday and so i figured it would just be easier on everyone if i stayed here with my superstars! … Continue reading

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a humiliating story on this thanksgiving day

pay no attention to the pumpkins, but look closely at the girls. yes, you have seen this picture before, but it’s perfect for what i am about to tell you. i can’t believe i am telling you this story. it … Continue reading

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i just LOVE

when i get help with the dishes. and then there is a lake all over the kitchen floor. oh, i try so HARD not to get frustrated as my superstars discover and learn as they get soaked and then fall … Continue reading

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season of time

image courtesy of everything has it’s time. time to play with the superstars. time to do the dishes. time to cuddle with chris. time to ignore the phone. time to exercise. time to take a shower. time to read … Continue reading

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falling asleep

chris and i actually got to watch a movie tonight.a few glitches:1. our dvd player is super touchy so we had to try the other one upstairs so we had to stop the movie in the middle to physically move.2. … Continue reading

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image courtesy of we are all selfish. chris and i went to the christmas carol today at the guthrie theatre in downtown minneapolis (thank you soooo much melody who gave us the free tickets and the free babysitting. seriously? … Continue reading

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weekend thoughts: unbelievable

i know that in the long run this doesn’t ultimately matter. i know that God is big and i am small. i know that right now i am being very self-centered. i know that i need to focus more on … Continue reading

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