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earie canal

I could tell you were praying. Seriously. Yes, I was very nervous and very teary-eyed (some of it having to do with my raging pregnancy hormones), but I was told to expect everything to take at least an hour (from … Continue reading

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"hear" we go again

On Tuesday, Dash has surgery again. His hearing in his left ear hasn’t improved since October, and Dr. T said that he could see that it has grown. He wanted to try to get Dash into surgery and the first … Continue reading

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oh be careful little ears what you hear, if they can hear!

today was the big day. today was the day that dane was scheduled for a head ct and a sedated hearing test. doesn’t he look excited? before this picture was taken, dane had already had his ct. they told me … Continue reading

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which little kordatzky kiddo can’t hear out of the left ear? which one is going to have a CT of the temporal bones of the ear? which little one is going to have a sedated hearing test to measure the … Continue reading

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just another day at children’s hospital, minneapolis

today was dane’s big day. i was slightly worried that he wouldn’t be able to get his ear tubes because he got a cold after his pre-op physical. but he didn’t have a fever so all was well. phew!we brought … Continue reading

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6th floor prince charming

“oh, i’ve heard about you. i’ve heard you are sooo cute!charming the entire 6th floor and dr. mcnamara and dr. mikesell just came naturally to our little guy! mommy and dane so happy together chillin’ with daddythis is what happened:dane … Continue reading

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the story of mr. dane

mr. dane has coughed dane has had a fever and an ear dane went to the dane has dane probably has dane was admitted for two nights at children’ dane will be discharged tomorrow. oh, … Continue reading

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