6th floor prince charming

“oh, i’ve heard about you. i’ve heard you are sooo cute!
charming the entire 6th floor and dr. mcnamara and dr. mikesell just came naturally to our little guy!
mommy and dane so happy together
chillin’ with daddy
this is what happened:
dane has been sick since last week monday. on wednesday i took him to our primary doctor and he was diagnosed with a possible ear infection. anyway, his fever went away. so i forgot to give him his meds for it.
his cough and runny nose continued and everyone at work was pretty sure it was rsv. okay, i thought, so he had a really bad cold.

jump to thursday. the kids were at my friends’ house and i spoke to her from work. “dane is kind of acting weird. he isn’t coughing a lot, but he has a fever of 102.5 and has been really lethargic and sleepy all day.”

i checked with my nurses at work and it was confirmed that i should leave work right away and take him to the er. i left work (in the middle of filing) and went and picked him up. andrea was super and watched the girls until chris picked them up at 5:15.

at the er, they tested him for rsv (nasal suctioning–that was fun), pneumonia (chest x-ray), dehydration, and lab work for looking for an infection. he had an ear infection for sure (augh, makes me want to kick myself). and to think, i brought him in only to be hydrated!

a phone call to chris said that i was sure we wouldn’t be admitted. (he was in to get hydrated, remember?!) 2 hours later, a phone call to chris said that dane was being admitted.

my aunt came over to our house to be with the girls so that chris could join me at the hospital and my mom relieved her thereafter. at the er, dane was getting his iv! oh, man! awful! absolutely awful! AWFUL! our er nurse was arguing with the triage nurse who was helping us out. and personally, the triage nurse did her job way better. the er nurse struggled to get the iv in while the other nurse was trying to bite her tongue and not yell at her. i’m telling you people, it was bad. if it hadn’t been for the triage nurse, i would have totally asked for a new nurse. but i could tell that the triage nurse was being an advocate for dane.
dane first admitted

dane was admitted to the 6th floor. weird! most of our patients from our clinic are admitted to the 6th floor. 2 of our nurses during dane’s stay were patients at one point in our clinic. weird, huh?

dane in isolation

dane was in isolation since he was positive for rsv. everyone who came to see him had to wear gowns, gloves, and masks. at one point he woke up to a nurse in her garb and FREAKED out! but honestly, can you blame him? we did have the best nurse named Patty and some other good ones. and my friend cheryl (who usually works on the 6th floor) came by to see us, too.
our awesome nurse patty

after dane got his iv started, he still sounded HORRIBLE, but he was in such high spirits that i wasn’t worried at all! dane plugged in to the wall and the pole!
okay, that is an exaggeration. when dr. mcnamara said we could probably leave that first day, i was thinking, “i don’t know. he still sounds horrible and he barely made it to the hospital because i didn’t realize how sick he was. so i’m a little nervous to do this on my own.”

his first night was rough. lots of waking up and some pulse oximeter monitoring alarms going off. sleeping with his billy club arm
chris stayed at the hospital with us because when i had stayed in short stay with brin in april, all i wanted was to have him there with me. since dane was in isolation and needed to be in his own room, we were able to get 2 chairs/cots in our room. it was nice to have chris there. especially the 2nd night when dane vomited all over him at 3:00 in the morning! earlier that evening, he had vomited all over me! we were treated to have our clothes washed and folded and in the room when we woke up. i felt like royalty! well, i guess as much as you can feel like royalty when you are crammed in a little room with a filthy floor and you are chasing after your baby’s toys he keeps dropping on purpose!

like i said, dane loved to drop his toys out of the crib and watch them bounce 3 feet in the air. which meant that mom and dad had to crawl all over the floor to retreive them. that was gross!
dane’s favorite toy at home or in the hospital!

playing with his iv
feeling better and playing on mommy’s bed

toes are a good toy, too
asking for the exersaucer was a life saver. since he was in isolation, we couldn’t go anywhere with him. and the floor was nasty so when we got the exersaucer, everyone was happy! dane couldn’t wait to get in!

by the morning of the 2nd day, his breathing sounded so much better. it was amazing how much better he was sounding. suddenly, i was ready to go home. however, we had to attend an asthma class. one of the first questions the lady asked us (it was chris and me and another mom) was what we knew about asthma. the other mom answered that she didn’t know much and then the instructor looked at us. “umm, well, ahh.” i looked at chris and he busted up laughing. “okay, so i know a lot because i work for children’s respiratory….. but it’s different when it’s your own kid.” from then on, the instructor pretty much taught the class to the other mom. but i did learn some things: i need to wipe the kids’ faces off after i give them a pulmicort neb AND i need to continue to give them a pulmicort neb each day even when they are not coughing or wheezing to prevent that. so it wasn’t a waste of time. and after we fulfilled that requirement, we just had to wait for the dr to discharge us and off we went!

dane: unplugged!

hospital life:
i ate a whole box of graham crackers and probably drank 1/2 a pitch of grape juice.
the nurses said that we would be weighing dane’s diapers each time they were changed, but i thought they meant every time we changed dane, we needed to weigh him on this scale. i was so confused, I asked them like 5 times pointing emphatically, “on this scale? we are going to weigh him on THIS scale?” the answer was always yes. i was so confused, how in the world would we do that? then, the first time i changed his diaper, the nurse asked me where it was. i said, “in the trash.” and she dug it out and weighed in. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. not dane, the diaper! do you see why i was so confused?” we had a great laugh over that!

even dane got bored in his room and needed to be distracted with the tv

lots of thanks to jim who came and brought us dairy queen when we asked for a treat! and lots of thanks to everyone who prayed for us!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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3 Responses to 6th floor prince charming

  1. librariane says:

    I am so amazed at how God has prepared you for your kids! Who would have thought all your job experiences would have been perfect? I guess we should have known–anything God does is just right…

  2. gianna says:

    i know. it’s so weird. i agree with you.

  3. Jenny Aust says:

    What a crazy few days! I don’t know how you do it, but God is so good isn’t He? Wow, what a crazy first year of life your little man has had! I will keep praying for good health for ALL of you!

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