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Lessons Learned

Lessons I have learned in 2010: I hate to waste food.  I will suffer through a horribly sour apple or orange just because there is nothing wrong with it even if I don’t like the taste.  I have known this, however, for years.  … Continue reading

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A Real Christmas

I wrote this poem last Christmas when I was pregnant with JackJack.  Even though I am out of this stage now (tearfully), with a little editing, this is my tribute to my Jesus at Christmas.  I hope you enjoy. 2 hours before Christmasand … Continue reading

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Why Am I Spreading the Peanut Butter with a Fork?

We have a mouse. Again. Our friendly mouseguests like to hang out in our silverware drawer! Why? Don’t ask me!  I. Don’t. Know! Makes me want to say, “@@@@@@@@!”(Yes, that is me saying ATsignATsignATsignATsignATsignATsignATsign!  Don’t you usually go around yelling At … Continue reading

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I’m Pretty Sure that My Baby Did Not Shrink

According to the measurements at the doctor, my baby has shrunk. Do you know why that is? Because… 2 weeks ago, I freaked out because JackJack had a fever.  It was 103.5 and so it was  a bit high.  I … Continue reading

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Snow in Minnesota

 image courtesy of teamxero Each year it happens.Since Chris and I have been married, it happens every year. I never know when it will happen or where it will happen. But every year it happens. I drive right into … Continue reading

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2 Minute Warning

Did you know that in 2 minutes, you can write a check, find an envelope, put the check in the envelope, address it, and put a stamp on it? It’s amazing what you can do in 2 minutes!

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A Girl called Ernie

At Morris Area, one of the most popular girls in our class was named Erin. But by the time I had moved into town (4th grade), she had been given the nickname Ernie. I don’t know why. At. All. But … Continue reading

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Home Alone

photo by chinesedubbed (betcha could tell huh) You know you are home alone with the kids when: You hear whimpering from your littlest baby, and you look over to see a dogpile of your children with the baby on the … Continue reading

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The Metrodome Collapses: I Shoulda Seen This Coming

Remember this man? And now this has happened? Yep. This doesn’t surprise me one little bit! It’s just par for the course. Par. For. The. Course. I tell you. This Viking season is just crashing down around their ears. (is … Continue reading

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Charley Harper GiveAway Winner

Congrats, Dana! You will be receiving the Charley Harper gifts via the mail (as I do not have them!) Thanks for your patience!

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