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you gotta love it part 2

…continued….after waiting in my van for chris to come with the door open, a man walked behind the van, and i decided maybe i should sit in the car with the doors shut and locked.chris finally got there and asked … Continue reading

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gotta love it part 1

thanks for all your comments about my mothering abilitiesto tell you the truth, i didn’t feel like i was the worst mother. i should have had that in quotations. however, it was a horrible experience, so it was nice to … Continue reading

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truth be told

apparently, i am the worst mom ever (just bear with me). at least to brin.she was having a meltdown in the van during our special lunch in the parking lot at cub grocery store.(okay, so it really was MY special … Continue reading

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three in a wagon

my non-haiku haiku they fit. just barely. slow walk. in neighborhood. with grandma. too cute

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tagged again

once again, i got tagged by micah at silver linings! ooh, how i love being tagged. it’s just actually getting to do my tagged post that takes me a while is what she tagged me with… 6 things i love … Continue reading

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my new favorite website

i just spent 1 hour going through coupons and making a grocery list for my husband.and this all the while using http://www.pocketyourdollars.comi want to learn how to save money with coupons (and not actually end up spending more just because … Continue reading

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no, she didn’t

today, at supper (or dinner, we go back and forth at our house, but definitely not lunch)chris sincerely said to me, “good job, dear,” about something (i have NO idea what exactly it was about!).this prompted maya to ask, “dad? … Continue reading

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as i sit here,

i look over to dane who has plopped himself down in front of the tv and is watching tiger try to win. okay, never mind, now he is trying to give me a heart attack by playing at the top … Continue reading

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okay, so yesterday i told you i was labelled.this is how:in the twin cities there are 4 telephone area codes: 612, 651, 952, 763.i work at a doctor’s office.when people call and give me their phone number without their area … Continue reading

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i have been have i been labeled, you ask?i will have to tell you later as i need to get back to work.

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