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true fisherman

This is an actual picture of Chris’s finger with no help from a computer. Those silly fish really did come right up to his finger. You know you are a true fisherman if you can use your finger as bait!

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Memorial Day weekend: Memorable for more than one reason.

1. A time to remember those who have died for our freedom (Grandpa French–he didn’t die during WWII, but he is no longer alive) and honor those who are alive after fighting for our freedom (my father-in-law)2. I’m starting to … Continue reading

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14 months star

Maya is almost 14 months and what a trip. Overnight she has gone from a baby girl to a little lady (well, when she’s not whining about something, she can be a little lady). She still has 2 teeth and … Continue reading

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First week of December

In the first week of December, the Kordatzky Family will again make a major change:Baby #2 will be born.

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I know that I owe everyone a Maya update, but that means I have to download our pictures off the camera and I am not up to that right now. Instead I want to talk about snakes. And how impressed … Continue reading

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