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Twin Cities Events More than $5 4/9/12-4/15/12

This week’s highlight is the Minnesota History Center’s A Thousand Journeys, One Home:  Asian Pacific Heritage Day.  That looks so interesting! Please let me know of anything that you would like included in my list. Everyday   Minnesota Sea Life    … Continue reading

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"You’re Worth It!"

To: Parents everywhere From: A  Mom who knows it’s time to face the fact that this needs to be talked about. This past week, we learned about someone in our church who has been accused of sexual abuse.  This just … Continue reading

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"Honey, this is what Hell is going to be! I’m so GLAD I’m not going there!"

To:  the nice man in Rainbow Foods at whom I glared menacinglyFrom: a frazzled mom of hoodlums! At 6:00 pm, I decided to take my 4 children to Walgreens and Rainbow to take advantage of Double Coupon Day.  We had eaten … Continue reading

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I know I just was thinking about Friendship with you, but I’ve been thinking about it more. This past year has been interesting with Wordgirl in school.  I have gotten to know a lot of different moms especially those in … Continue reading

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Are You a Fun Mom?

Yesterday we went to the wading pool and met my  girlfriends KM and MK and their kids.  I am not kidding.  Those are their initials.  I never thought about it until now.  They were destined to be friends.  I guess that … Continue reading

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Sleeping Transitions

image courtesy steveharrison Transition Number 1Moved Princess Pea to be in JackJack’s room. Transition Number 2 Moved Dash to the top bunk and kept Wordgirl on the bottom bunk Transition Number 1 Went swimmingly Transition Number 2 Not so smoothly … Continue reading

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‘Fess Up Friday (or everyday)

My new favorite blog friend, Kira, invited me to join her in linking up in ‘Fess Up Friday.  You must remember Kira!  I want you to go over to blog and check out this post!  This is all I will ever … Continue reading

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Swimming Suits

I was going to have a heart attack.  You see, my in-laws were in town and stayed in a hotel since our basement is a flood zone.  So we decided to take four mobile children to a pool. Why? I have … Continue reading

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A Pioneer Weekend

-It all started with a Cowboy Birthday party. Ain’t he the cutest little Cowboy you ever did see? Thank you!  I completely agree. The Cowboy birthday party included chuckwagon food:  Cowboy beans, Cornbread, jello, Tuna Noodle Salad, chips, kool-aid.  You … Continue reading

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Why Am I Spreading the Peanut Butter with a Fork?

We have a mouse. Again. Our friendly mouseguests like to hang out in our silverware drawer! Why? Don’t ask me!  I. Don’t. Know! Makes me want to say, “@@@@@@@@!”(Yes, that is me saying ATsignATsignATsignATsignATsignATsignATsign!  Don’t you usually go around yelling At … Continue reading

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