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in and out

While this superstar wassleeping inside, my other superstars were helping me  have fun. One little supergirl needed to “make sure her socks were pulled up like because she was “playing soccer.”  It’s OBVIOUS that you need to pull your socks up … Continue reading

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Deeper than the Laundry

Wordgirl wanted to learn how to fold her clothes. So last week I showed her the easy steps of folding laundry–matching socks and folding towels and washclothes.I’ll admit it….The worst part of folding the laundry is now being done by … Continue reading

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YHWH is our helper. Does this mean that He needs us? Well, I suppose it could.  But I would like to encourage you to think of helping as having 2 different sides. On one side, Wordgirl and Princess Pea help ME with … Continue reading

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This is who I am

I sometimes wish my world was a little bigger. I wish that I could open my eyes to the beauty around me. (like my mom and brother)I wish I was not so goal focused and tunnel visioned. While I am … Continue reading

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Fun or Room: Choices Are _________________

image courtesy of It’s been a little while since I have posted about Danny Silk’s stuff, so now I am back for the 2nd half of this journey.  Hopefully, this post makes more sense than the last one. Here … Continue reading

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It’s so weird, but it’s official.  Dash will be getting a hearing aid for his left ear.  I don’t know WHAT I feel.  Dr. T.   (as Laura said, “I pity the foow….”)said more than likely he will need to … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Nap

Where do you think she fell asleep?

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a realization

As I was driving into my office for lunch for Secretary’s Day (aka Administrative Professionals Day), I was thinking about how I was doing so great with Fourdatzky being added to our family. I thought, “Wow!  I am so glad … Continue reading

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Hidden in their Hearts

In 2010, for our little preschool program, I decided (probably with some prompting from the Holy Spirit) to start preparing the supergirls for our new baby by memorizing these verses. I honestly can’t tell you how proud I am of … Continue reading

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I’m a secretary

Today is Administrative Professionals Day–also known as Secretary’s Day.  I don’t really care what it is called.  It’s just nice to have lunch provided for us! The word secretary looks spelled wrong.  Is it? I never said I was a … Continue reading

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