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Look At All the People

Princess Pea was scheduled for an appointment with her pulmonologist and some lab work  this past week.  As we were driving to the hospital, Princess Pea, who was very nervous, was asking all kinds of questions.  Who’s at the hospital? Are there grownups … Continue reading

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Birthdays are NOT about the Cake

At least I hope not. I am not a good presenter of delicious assortments of baked goods.  What I can do is make it taste good, but don’t look it (whatever it might be).  Close your eyes and pop it … Continue reading

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The Facts of Life According to a 3 year old

I needed to take a nap. I don’t always need to take a nap, but there was no denying that I needed one.  The boys were snug in their beds with visions of nuks (for Dash) and of strained peas … Continue reading

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In the spirit of Jimmy Fallon’s thank you notes

Thank you, drunk woman, for convincing me to give you a ride for 5 miles with your “baby” Brian (aka your boyfriend, please stop repeating yourself that he is your baby) in the back seat with Wordgirl.  And thank you … Continue reading

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What happens when…..

Your pan looks like this? And your potatoes still look like this? I do not know why there is a soothie on the stove.  I live in a tiny house with 4 children.  Let’s just leave it at that. Well, … Continue reading

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As Livid is the PERFECT word, I must use it. I am not angry. I am not hurt. I am not outraged. I am livid. Who does this sort of thing? Who lets you sign up your super girls for … Continue reading

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To Those Who were Left Behind

I guess you will have to  figure it out!  Since I’m now FREE! Right? 

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I Buttoned It All By Myself, Mom!

Yep, she sure did!She deserves to be proud!

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Princess Pea at Our House

Princess Pea (running to the door to take out a stick that she wasn’t supposed to bring inside the house in the first place):  I’m going to take this outside! Mama:  No!  oh! oh!  You’re NAKED! ________________________________ As she fed … Continue reading

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Catching up from 6 months ago.

These are some photos that I have been meaning to show you since, oh, um, well, September 2009. Woops! We repainted Dash’s room so that it’s HIS room now and not the leftover-not-the-girls’-room-anymore room. Princess Pea’s first haircut did NOT … Continue reading

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