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"stupid" money

The thorn in Paul’s flesh. We don’t really know what it was, but some speculate that it was an eyesight issue. It could have been the loss of a loved one. It may have been someone who tormented Paul incessantly. … Continue reading

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makes you thankful

5 days ago I was blessed to be able to participate in a family reunion for my dad’s side. My family is so special and so beautiful. I was reminded of that on Saturday. Today, however, I took off work … Continue reading

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grand adventures

We went to Como zoo at the end of July. We included me, Maya, Brin, Dane, and 4 other moms (mostly from our small group) and their kids. The zoo was okay (a little too hectic for me, but why … Continue reading

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I love to figure out patterns or combinations. I remember things with very odd mnemonic devices, but I LIKE it! Like our kids’ names don’t begin with the same letter, but their first names are all 4 letters long. Not … Continue reading

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