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"You’re Worth It!"

To: Parents everywhere From: A  Mom who knows it’s time to face the fact that this needs to be talked about. This past week, we learned about someone in our church who has been accused of sexual abuse.  This just … Continue reading

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Sleeping Transitions

image courtesy steveharrison Transition Number 1Moved Princess Pea to be in JackJack’s room. Transition Number 2 Moved Dash to the top bunk and kept Wordgirl on the bottom bunk Transition Number 1 Went swimmingly Transition Number 2 Not so smoothly … Continue reading

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Taking the Moments In

I flicked a japanese beetle.To get it off my bed. After 3 seconds I heard its little shell smack the wall on the other side of the room. Schweet! And it’s probably not dead. And on that note, Praise God … Continue reading

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In A Mood

I hope you read that as in a mood and not in the mood. Because I am definitely not in the mood for anything.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  I know you are all jealous of my natural beauty! HA!  Except for … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day Confession of a Hypocrite

I don’t like a mess in my house.You should be saying, “What are you talking about, Gianna?  Your house is ALWAYS a disaster.”  (Remember this post?)  MY mess is okay. (maybe one day I will let you see my workroom.  maybe.  Or maybe … Continue reading

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My dream

Oh, man was it a dream!  I woke up and even in my sleepy stupor, I had to laugh.  Do you see my family?  Can you count the number of super stars with me? One. Two. Three. Four. So here’s what … Continue reading

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What does it mean when a mama has had one superstar stick her tongue to a frozen metal door in December and in less than 6 months another superstar stick his finger in a moving fan? I’m just saying. There’s no possible … Continue reading

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A Peek into our life

Wordgirl–Mom, why do Construction workers do construction? Mom (2 days later)–They are called construction workers BECAUSE they do construction.___________________________________________ Wordgirl, Fourdatzky, Princess Pea, and I were on a walk (while Dash was at home with Chris) and we were talking … Continue reading

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oh, this is FUN! (hear the sarcasm!)

“Stop PUSHING me!  Stop it!” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”“La, la, la, la, dadada, dee doh doo!” “Does the fact that she is still in the bathroom concern you?”“Don’t give them so much energy.  RELAX!” Does your house ever sound like this?  Every night … Continue reading

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in and out

While this superstar wassleeping inside, my other superstars were helping me  have fun. One little supergirl needed to “make sure her socks were pulled up like because she was “playing soccer.”  It’s OBVIOUS that you need to pull your socks up … Continue reading

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