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My Humiliating Non-Question

We had a prophecy conference this past weekend at our church.  Dr. David Larsen, who is our pastor’s friend and mentor, came and pontificated (so his word, not mine) on the rapture and the middle east and today’s moral freefall.  … Continue reading

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What Needs to be Fixed?

Something! Everything! Maybe, nothing! Letting myself feel my emotions doesn’t mean that there’s a problem that needs immediate action.  It doesn’t mean that if it doesn’t get fixed now, my life is going to be ruined forever.  It doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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In A Mood

I hope you read that as in a mood and not in the mood. Because I am definitely not in the mood for anything.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  I know you are all jealous of my natural beauty! HA!  Except for … Continue reading

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Just Because You Love Me

Graduating college was exciting because that summer I was going to be getting married.  So I had an answer for the now-what-are-you-going-to-do question.  Me–I’m getting married. Them–Then what? Me–I don’t know.  I guess I’ll find a job.Them–Oh. And that’s what … Continue reading

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The installments of my Isaiah study are very sporadic because for the most part I am trying to get into a good groove with everything and everybody.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. From Isaiah 13 to Isaiah 23, YHWH  … Continue reading

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Peace (in the midst of craziness)

Isaiah 11–I really need to be more diligent about my Bible study postings. Sorry about that. Anyway, I probably haven’t done what I needed to do to study this chapter very much. But what I noticed more than anything in … Continue reading

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Isaiah 11 Observations Part 1

image courtesy of here are some observations I have made in Isaiah 11 (this is as far as I’ve gotten). 1. in verses10:33-34, it states that YHWH will cut down the forests. Assyria is in control of everything including … Continue reading

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image courtesy of YHWH has more on his mind than just me.My life is not that incredibly important in the long run.I know that I AM important to Him, but I am not the center of His universe. Even … Continue reading

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a cubbie quote

1 John 4:10“God loved us and sent his……pants.” Have I ever mentioned that the word pants is my FAVORITE word!?!

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I am struggling with sounding arrogant. I do not want to be one of those people who thinks she has all the answers and comes across that way. I may be secure in my faith and I may think that … Continue reading

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