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Costumes Costumes Costumes

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Halloween? If you recall, I am “all set” with my kids’ Halloween costumes.  Do you remember this list? 1. Determined with the kids what they want to be. 2. … Continue reading

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Coffee Break

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Another Cheap Mom Trick

Look at me and my bad self!  Getting the hang of this html world!Hardly!  But I am still quite impressed that I am able to figure out how to put pictures in my blogs and use hyperlinks! I am way … Continue reading

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Appliance Replacement Made Easier

After I had my fourth baby and we decided that financially it was wiser for me to stay home, I was excited to finally be a stay at home mom.  What I didn’t realize was that being a stay at … Continue reading

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Halloween Take Back

Halloween is coming and it will be here in a month. Are you ready? Because I certainly am. Are you ready for the list of things I have done? 1.  Determined with the kids what they want to be. 2.  … Continue reading

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Internet Tips for Moms

The internet can be awesome.  The internet can be helpful.  The internet can make your life easier! On the flip side, the internet can waste a lot of useful time.  The internet can give you the wrong information, and the internet can … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 7

We made some major progress!  Let me tell you! Well, kind of. It may not be what you would consider major progress, but it is. Believe me! I am feeling a wave of hope. A wave of “Oh, I think … Continue reading

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At one week, I would bring each of my babies into the doctor for their first check up after being discharged from the hospital.  When my 4th baby (and final baby *weepy sniff*) was born, our doctor’s office had moved … Continue reading

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Anti-Itch Cream

I have these 4 bites on my belly.  I will not be taking a picture of them for you.  Oh, no.  No one wants to see my belly!  TRUST me! So last night, I was going insane.  I couldn’t take … Continue reading

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Hydration and Water Bottles

We all know that drinking water is really good for our bodies. How do you try to get enough (approximately 8 cups, give or take, right?)? The first thing I do is forget the 8 cups rule.  I try for … Continue reading

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