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My Relationship with A Gremlin and A Lake

I remember it well. We were living in Two Harbors and I was in 2nd grade. My brother was in Kindergarten. My dad was plugging away at his job as a social worker for the county.My mom got a job … Continue reading

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The Day I Got Robbed At Gunpoint And Didn’t Know It

 I had 8 different jobs while in college (including the summers). 1.  YMCA Healthy Kids Childcare (afterschool childcare provided in the schools) 2.  Camp Counselor–once again at Solid Rock 3.  Nanny–for the Curries (I did this job for 3 years)4.  … Continue reading

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A 1st Grade Friend

In the beginning of 1st grade, we lived in Kerkhoven Minnesota.  My mom grew up in this town.  In that case, my grandpa grew up in Kerkhoven.  Needless to say, my mom’s cousins were everywhere!   I’m pretty sure that I thought … Continue reading

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My Humiliating Non-Question

We had a prophecy conference this past weekend at our church.  Dr. David Larsen, who is our pastor’s friend and mentor, came and pontificated (so his word, not mine) on the rapture and the middle east and today’s moral freefall.  … Continue reading

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My Young Adult Years: Friends

I want to be liked. I have always wanted to be liked.It’s horrible how badly I feel like I need to be liked.College was a place that I thrived in building relationships, including meeting my husband.  It was also a … Continue reading

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It’s Not about the Levy

Do you really care about our kids? or Do you really just want all the money you can get? If the levy doesn’t pass, you have told us that you would have to increase the class sizes. That sounds like … Continue reading

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Taking the Moments In

I flicked a japanese beetle.To get it off my bed. After 3 seconds I heard its little shell smack the wall on the other side of the room. Schweet! And it’s probably not dead. And on that note, Praise God … Continue reading

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Move Over Justin Beiber

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A Different Kind of Preschool Friend

When I was 2, I remember I lived across the road from my best friend EVER, Brenda. I think that was her name.  When I was 3, I met Angie Huseby and Leah Lottman.  They were super awesome friends.  I was … Continue reading

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She Sobs and My Heart Sinks

Today at my house I have 7 children ages, 6 months, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  I didn’t think anything of it when Dacia asked me if I was available to watch her kids for a few hours this afternoon. “Of … Continue reading

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