The installments of my Isaiah study are very sporadic because for the most part I am trying to get into a good groove with everything and everybody.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

ISAIAH 40:11 Pictures, Images and PhotosFrom Isaiah 13 to Isaiah 23, YHWH  speaks to many nations.  These nations include Babylon, Assyria, Philistia, Moab, Cush, Egypt, both Cush and Egypt together, Baylon again, Edom, Arabia, and Tyre.  He also speaks to the 2 capital cities of Israel and Judah, Damascus and Jerusalem.  (Damascus was the capital of Israel after the kingdoms divided, right?)

Each chapter individually was so overwhelming, so I made a list of questions to try to compare each of the oracles (which is another word for burdens–as my pastor explained) to the countries.
These were my questions:

  1. Who is being spoken to?
  2. What have they done?
  3. Does YHWH extend grace?
  4. What is their punishment?
  5. Does it mention anything about a timeframe?

These were the answers I found:

  1. Mostly YHWH spoke to a group of people.  It’s more individualized for Assyria and Egypt who ultimately in the end together with Israel will bless YHWH.
  2. The countries outside of Israel had oppressed, afflicted, burdened, destroyed, betrayed YHWH’s chosen people.  They also did not choose to worship Him.  Damascus and Jerusalem were accused of not trusting YHWH, forgetting about Him, and not repenting of their sin.
  3. The punishment for the countries were a little bit varied but mostly destroyed.  Each individual in Assyria would be crushed, Egypt would experience civil war, Babylon would fall, Jerusalem’s leaders would ultimately all fall, and Damascus would experience famine and terror.
  4. For every country and city, YHWH DOES extend grace.  The one instance He says he won’t is when he is speaking to Egypt and Cush together.  I don’t know why that is.  Does anyone have any thoughts or research on that?  But even without understanding that fully, YHWH does extend grace to each country and city. 

Have you ever noticed that before?  In the midst of YHWH defending and discipling Israel, grace is extended to ALL.  No one is discluded.  NO ONE.  This is a HUGE deal.  Even in the Old Testament with Israel being His chosen people, YHWH wanted everyone’s hearts. He has not changed.  The grace He extends may not be what you were thinking it would be, but He still offers it.  The grace He extends might not come WHEN you want it, but He offers it. 

We don’t get to choose when and how and why the grace is offered.  But we do get to choose to accept it or reject it.

I want to say so much more.  But what do you think?  What is your experience with grace?


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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