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I am struggling with sounding arrogant. I do not want to be one of those people who thinks she has all the answers and comes across that way. I may be secure in my faith and I may think that … Continue reading

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feed me books friday–bread and jam for frances

I am participating in a new carnival called, well, you can see what it’s called.I just met Janna (through her blog) and she is an awesome mama. She is silly and loves YHWH and now on top of everything, she … Continue reading

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8 weeks and counting

8 weeks to go. In case you were wondering, my due date (or should i say HIS due date) is March 24, 2010. 1 exact week before Wordgirl turns 5. And if history repeats itself, he will be showing up … Continue reading

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A Daddy’s Gift to a Mommy

Chris has given me one of the best gifts in the world. For the past 2 weeks, Chris reads to the super girls and lets me put Dash to bed. Which means lately, I get to sit in his darkened … Continue reading

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my original point

about a week and a half ago, I posted about my bad WIC experience. This led to a LOT of “discussion.”I have been thinking about this for a little while now.I think my most important point was that EVERYONE has … Continue reading

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not ready yet

i wanted to have a post on isaiah for you today. image courtesy of I realized that I was trying TOO hard to get something out of it. I was making it say something that it might not be … Continue reading

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it’s hard to be honest when you don’t know…..

A little while ago, my heart was twisted and squeezed, and it totally caught me off guard.In fact, I didn’t think that was happening at all.When I finally realized it, I was so sad,and I thought my friendship with this … Continue reading

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last night, chris and i met with our friends, dustin and amanda to go through our parenting “seminar” again. (more on that to come later. oh, i have SO much to talk about) since the vikings were playing and dustin … Continue reading

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Things I Find Kind of Nasty

There are things in this world that are utterly disgusting. Things that are so gross you cringe even just thinking about it (at least for pretty much everyone except for the select few); like vomit or rabbit urine in your … Continue reading

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we need to take drastic measures. after a week of being sick, the superstars now think that we watch tv all morning long.they expect it. it’s oh, so, NO tv for a week. i don’t know how we are … Continue reading

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