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weekend thoughts: thankful as an adult

crystal at life at the circus hosts this carnival. i’m not sure if she is doing it this week or not, but i thought i would still give it a whirl.i have always been thankful for my parents. i grew … Continue reading

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weekend thoughts: unbelievable

i know that in the long run this doesn’t ultimately matter. i know that God is big and i am small. i know that right now i am being very self-centered. i know that i need to focus more on … Continue reading

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weekend thoughts: i am not her

it’s saturday which means, we get to join crystal at life at the circus for a little reflection time about more than just crayons on the wall and laundry on the couch. all my life, i have always wanted to … Continue reading

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family halloween strategies

okay. so what better way to combat the evils of halloween then by watching an easter movie, reading a christmas story, and listening to christmas music at naptime? and NONE of it was MY idea! i’m not one who is … Continue reading

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chicken fight

photo courtesy of i don’t read the newspaper much. we get the thursday-sunday paper for the coupons on sunday. however, today, i was eating my cookies and milk (yes, i may be 32, but that is still one of … Continue reading

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sold out

i have been doing some thinking lately (which in and of itself is amazing and showing that i’m feeling better!) why do so many people follow mckmama’s blog? why are so many people attracted to a great debate? so many … Continue reading

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weekend thought: asking for help

crystal from my life at the circus hosts and encourages us to go beyond our mommy blog. i have been thinking about how often i ask for i ask too much?do people get tired of me constantly saying, “we … Continue reading

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