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Take A Step of Faith

To: Our Friends in ChristFrom: The Kordatzkys who are humbly grateful On Saturday, Chris and I discovered that we had received our property tax refund! Sweet!  On Sunday as I was scrambling out the door trying to get to church, … Continue reading

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Leaning on Your Mom is Not as Effective as Leaning on God

Church was interesting this past Sunday.  Chris had to work all weekend long due to the fact that his store had its grand opening.  So he was unavailable to come to church with us.  However, it was kick off Sunday, … Continue reading

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Hurting People Seen With Open Eyes

There are those of us who are so engaged in our own lives we forget to see those around us.  We get so ticked off when someone gets in our way and causes us to be late, we forget that … Continue reading

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Friends Helping Friends

I am currently in the middle of a conference about helping those who are vulnerable in our society:  Whether they are poor or are experiencing social injustice or are orphans or are widowed/elderly. It has been an amazing conference and … Continue reading

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Why Wait?

What are we waiting for? Today, from a fellow Christ follower, I heard “If the government would just get out of the way, then the church could come in and do what it’s been called to do.” My response to her was, … Continue reading

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Today was the day. The last day of kindergarten. And it  was filled with many, many tears. Wordgirl walked out of school with tears in her eyes.  She couldn’t stop crying. In fact, it is hours later and she is still … Continue reading

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Saving the World–One person at a time

After all my ranting and ravings about the church helping those who are needy, I get to practice what I have been preaching (read beating a dead horse over and over again!) . This summer, our church’s denomination is holding a conference about … Continue reading

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Government: Saying and Not Saying

Beating a dead horse.  That is totally what I am doing.  I can’t help it though, this is what I have been thinking about. So I understand that many people believe that the government shouldn’t be involved in helping the … Continue reading

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Complications in the Church

To my Awesome Anonymous Commenter: Honestly, I think you and I have our hearts on the same page, but we are looking at diffierent solutions.  Your solution is to do what you can as an individual.   My solution is to … Continue reading

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The "Institution" of the Church

When I wrote Welfare and the Church, I was beyond annoyed.  I wasn’t annoyed with my church in particular (I did use them as a personal example) and I wasn’t annoyed with your church in particular.  I wasn’t annoyed by individuals.  I … Continue reading

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