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The End of the World

I wanted to send this in as a letter to the editor, but I didn’t think it would be timely–as in I should have submitted it yesterday. May 21, 2011 came and went without more than a severe thunderstorm. So … Continue reading

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Look At All the People

Princess Pea was scheduled for an appointment with her pulmonologist and some lab work  this past week.  As we were driving to the hospital, Princess Pea, who was very nervous, was asking all kinds of questions.  Who’s at the hospital? Are there grownups … Continue reading

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A Real Christmas

I wrote this poem last Christmas when I was pregnant with JackJack.  Even though I am out of this stage now (tearfully), with a little editing, this is my tribute to my Jesus at Christmas.  I hope you enjoy. 2 hours before Christmasand … Continue reading

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What Needs to be Fixed?

Something! Everything! Maybe, nothing! Letting myself feel my emotions doesn’t mean that there’s a problem that needs immediate action.  It doesn’t mean that if it doesn’t get fixed now, my life is going to be ruined forever.  It doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Sitting In My Mood

(continued from In A Mood) As I stated in my last post, I do 100% believe that we should acknowledge our feelings. I believe we should allow ourselves to feel those feelings. (a.k.a. sit in them)I don’t think we should … Continue reading

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We are not of this world, but I still get defensive.

A couple of days ago I got an email from my friend Amanda and then she posted this post.  I promised that I would let them know what I think. What I should have done was pray. But I didn’t.  … Continue reading

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Just Because You Love Me

Graduating college was exciting because that summer I was going to be getting married.  So I had an answer for the now-what-are-you-going-to-do question.  Me–I’m getting married. Them–Then what? Me–I don’t know.  I guess I’ll find a job.Them–Oh. And that’s what … Continue reading

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The installments of my Isaiah study are very sporadic because for the most part I am trying to get into a good groove with everything and everybody.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. From Isaiah 13 to Isaiah 23, YHWH  … Continue reading

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On the Mountain

A mountain is a HUGE thing to climb. When Chris and I were on our honeymoon, we went hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  I was getting hot and cranky because I was so tired.  I didn’t know where … Continue reading

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A Curious Fascination

What do you think they are doing?  They were standing on my neighbors’ yard for at least 20 minutes while I was on the phone with a friend.  While in the middle of a very deep conversation, I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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