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Travel Minnesota: The Truth

I live in Minnesota, so when I hear that people from far away (i.e. beyond the neighboring states) are interested in visiting Minnesota, I have two reactions.  First of all, I’m shocked.  And secondly, I’m beyond proud. Why am I … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Northwoods

Chris and I planned a vacation for our family this year. It’s our first family vacation ever! And by family vacation, I mean Chris, Gianna, Wordgirl, Princess Pea, Dash, and JackJack.  Basically, it was a party vacation. It was planned … Continue reading

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top ten indiana incidents

#10.chip to ruhama about missing a stop at arby’s, “we could have had nourishing food and you went to mcdonald’s? aaahh!” #9. pete* to no one in particular as we pulled suddenly over on an off-ramp, “yep, we ran out … Continue reading

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i’ve been gone a while. i don’t exactly know why. i miss it and i miss you guys. but at least for the last week and some odd days, you have gotten to watch the little man growl over and … Continue reading

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in their eyes

we’re taking over mommy’s blog (we don’t even know what a blog is!) because we gotta tell you about this really cool thing we got to go to. we met all these people. all these people came from our grandma … Continue reading

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cute pics

not on vacation, but oh, so cute! dane’s such a big boy! still not on vacation, but funny! brin is a ham! she put the hat on all by herself. our bird of flight. not really a hawk OR a … Continue reading

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our "poopy" vacation was literally poopy.well, maybe more correctly i should have entitled this post: our bodily fluid vacation. i haven’t downloaded our pics yet to upload them to my post, but i will update the pics later.this is what made our … Continue reading

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