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Saving a buck.  Everywhere I look these days, I feel like that is a common theme.  Let’s face it, most of us need to save a buck.  I was introduced to a creative and alternative way to do this. In one … Continue reading

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New Design

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a beautiful new page. What is cool about it is that this is pretty much the look I was wanting one day–thinking it was going to have to wait for 50 years until … Continue reading

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Instead of making Potato Salad

Right now I should be chopping celery. I should be putting together our supper. Because we are having potato salad! Yes, you can ooh and aah over the fact that I am making homemade potato salad. It IS just about … Continue reading

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Three Hour Cruise

The tale begins of a 3 hour cruise…a 3 hour cruise…Chris and I frantically found some people to hang out with our kids so that we could go on this 3 hour cruise….a 3 hour cruise.  For on this 3 … Continue reading

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Series of Unfortunate Events

What happens when you stuff 16 people into our basement due to a tornado warning? and Can you find the missing nuk? Nothing ever seems to go smoothly when Jenny, Dacia, Megan, Andrea, and I–or any combination from here on out, usually it involves … Continue reading

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New Friend Shout Out

As I am not new to the blogging world, I want to make one thing clear. I. Am. A. Technology IDIOT. Seriously! Html?  What are you talking about?  It’s like talking investments with me.  I understand the concept.  Truly, I … Continue reading

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A Girls’ Night In

I love to bake.  But I am having a BLAST baking cakes right now.  Especially cool cakes!  I baked this cake for my friend’s little girl’s 2nd birthday.  Notice that I said, “baked.”  Decorated was not mentioned.  I picked out the … Continue reading

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The cute pictures are on a different post–but go there!

I have been wanting to post a link to Amanda’s blog (I am Mommy) because she came over and took pictures of Fourdatzky for me.  And these pictures MELT. MY.  HEART. She also got a couple of cute pictures of … Continue reading

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Meeting Some of the Coolest People EVER!!! Part 2

After dawdling at work because I was nervous to come home, I finally just did it.I drove home.As I pulled into the driveway, my butterflies were flying a bazillion flutters a minute in my stomach. When I saw the driveway … Continue reading

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Meeting Some of the Coolest People EVER!!!

This Past Friday, March 12, 2010, I had the priviledge of meeting some of the coolest people EVER!I have never been popular.Well-liked, maybe, but I’m a bit, should we say, quirky, and so I never really was part of the … Continue reading

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