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Getting Married and Staying Married

To:  Anyone Who is Married From:  One who has been married for 12 years now — completely unbelievable–did I spell that right?  I hate when I overanalyze a word and think it looks wrong even when it is spelled completely … Continue reading

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A Wife

Chris is an awesome man.  He works hard to provide for his family.  He loves his children.  Apparently, he is enamoured by me (for which I am grateful and find hard to believe for many reasons).  He has a sensitive heart, … Continue reading

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The Kid On The Bike

I have been wanting to tell someone this story and everytime I’m with someone I forget.  So I’m going to share it with you! Our driveway is long and narrow.  When Chris needs to leave for work, sometimes we have … Continue reading

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Snow in Minnesota

 image courtesy of teamxero Each year it happens.Since Chris and I have been married, it happens every year. I never know when it will happen or where it will happen. But every year it happens. I drive right into … Continue reading

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Trapped in Nebraska, Driving the Trail Ridge Road, and Not a Penny to Our Name

Okay, so maybe we had one penny. Chris and I were happily married on Friday, August 13, 1999.  Yes, that’s right.  We chose to get married on Friday the 13th and you know what?  It’s just a day! 11 years … Continue reading

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11 years Where has the time gone? (alternate title Why do you think marriage is like fishing)

My hair doesn’t always look like this.  I was NOT trying to go for any look whatsoever.  I went to bed with the bobbypins in my hair and  got up in the morning and stuck the visor on my head. I … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

This video cracks me up!You won’t understand unless you watch the whole thing. Don’t I sound so disgusted with Wordgirl? It’s so funny! And my disgust TOTALLY detracts from how cute Dash and his dad were being! I have played … Continue reading

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