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the kordatzky incident part 2

i have decided that the winner will be announced at the conclusion of the incident story. here in lies the 2nd installment of “the incident.” the munchkins were happily playing in the bathtub, and i was making mental lists of … Continue reading

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the kordatzky incident part 1

i am still determining a oh man you guys can be quite creative!now that we are back up and running, it’s time to let you know what has been’s the story (at least part 1) the day had … Continue reading

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where has giannamama/macgyver been?

(yes, I am still stuck on calling myself macgyver. however, i should probably rethink that!) you may be thinking i have been too involved with So You Think You Can Dance.that would be a great guess, but that’s not exactly … Continue reading

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father’s day

these are the children who made my best friend/life partner/husband into a dad. they are beautiful children.absolutely gorgeous.don’t let their cuteness fool you.chris is a great dad because he is a great dad to these crazy kids! these crazy kids … Continue reading

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friday’s fave five: a breath of fresh air

it’s time for me to reflect on my week. join me in enjoying the highlights of my week. this meme is hosted by susanne. head on over to see hers and other’s fff. 1. reuniting with camp friends. thanks to … Continue reading

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my mouth

I made an appointment for a patient whose mom is a dr. As she was making the appt, I asked her what kind of doctor she was. WHAT was I thinking asking her that? After I asked her, I hoped … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: i’m sorry but this is SOOO funny

angie from seven clown circus hosts this carnival and i love participating each week. i may not have much to say, but there’s always a little something! dane was happily playing in his room, the girls were doing their “binder … Continue reading

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tuesday’s tribute: to barefoot mommies

tributes to those you admire, tributes to those you make you perspire, tributes to those inspire, these tributes will never retire!join angie at SevEn cLoWn CirCus in paying tribute to someone or something! on with my tribute! i would like … Continue reading

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not me monday: a trip to the public bathroom

i didn’t think i had a good not me monday story. but apparently i forget that i’m a mother and mothers are full of stories! if you want to get the full scoop about not me monday you can head … Continue reading

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i have never liked the game tag–until now!

i hated tag as a kid. i thought it was the most annoying game. what was fun about being chased and then chasing and not catching anyone? nothing! however, after reading micah’s blog at silver linings, i discovered with pure … Continue reading

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