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wordless wednesday 2 years: personified

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not much of a contest

apparently, chris and i think too much outside of the box. we could not wrap our heads around my owl slippers. we kept thinking that they were monsters…you know like the ones from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice … Continue reading

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How fast can you figure this out? I got these slippers for Christmas and it took me at least an hour if not 2 to figure out what these things were. Let me know what your guess is and how … Continue reading

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Christmas smiles travleing back in time

My Old Navy kids! Okay, so this really couldn’t get much cuter. But Maya dancing sure is fun! These were definitely some of the best Christmas presents EVER! They loved all their gifts, but these old dance costumes take the … Continue reading

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making bean soup

As a family we made jars to give to our families full of the ingredients to make bean soup. No, I really mean as a family. Maya waited for her turn very patiently. “Okay, Maya, pour the beans right her…..stop … Continue reading

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happy birfday to you

oh, Brin! You are one of a kind! I don’t know of many 2 year olds who would purposefully and carefully lay their beloved “piggie” on their little brother’s head and laugh hysterically. only you, my girl, only you! my … Continue reading

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a piggy party

making the pig brin’s helping out! here’s the pig okay, so here’s the pig with a face. what you don’t hear is brin singing, “happy birfday to you.” over and over again very slowly. priceless. we did get her on … Continue reading

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when daddy’s away, the family will…..go visit more family

Chris had to work the whole weekend after Thanksgiving since he works retail. Since he works nights and would need to sleep during the day, I decided that the best thing for our family would be if the kids and … Continue reading

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thanksgiving 2008

Dane’s 1st Thanksgiving, Brin’s 2nd Thanksgiving, Maya’s 4th Thanksgiving, Gianna’s and Chris’s 32rd Thanksgiving. In total that is 71 Thanksgivings!We spent the day in Danbury WI with my mom and dad, my brother and Emma, my Aunt Sandy, my Aunt … Continue reading

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don’t let the little girl see!

Brin, Maya, and I were a part of the Operation Christmas Child ministry. The girls each made a box and we took them to KTIS and enjoyed their open house. I have never had my picture or my kids’ pictures … Continue reading

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