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Camping Confessions

While seeing this was super cool And spending time with all these guys was more than awesome And watching our kids get to know each other and play was beyond wonderful And she had a BLAST I don’t know if I’m ready for hard core … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Northwoods

Chris and I planned a vacation for our family this year. It’s our first family vacation ever! And by family vacation, I mean Chris, Gianna, Wordgirl, Princess Pea, Dash, and JackJack.  Basically, it was a party vacation. It was planned … Continue reading

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Unfriending Facebook Friends

Yesterday I was going to write an update about our vacation from which we had just returned.  However, some things happened that caused that update to be delayed. It was about 110 degrees and I couldn’t breathe.  (okay so this is … Continue reading

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Top 5 Children’s Games and Activities for Moms Who Don’t Want to Play

  When I was a wee one, I remember asking (no, make that begging and pleading) my mom to play with me.  She would.  She would obligingly sit down, dress a doll, maybe comb the doll’s hair, and try to do as … Continue reading

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Friends Helping Friends

I am currently in the middle of a conference about helping those who are vulnerable in our society:  Whether they are poor or are experiencing social injustice or are orphans or are widowed/elderly. It has been an amazing conference and … Continue reading

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Playing with Guns

We went to visit some new friends, and Dash was surrounded by boys. For the first time ever (that I have seen), I saw him play like a boy not like a little brother.  This is very significant as the … Continue reading

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But I Still Love Technology

I don’t get Twitter.It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why is everything #this and @that?  I totally am completely confused.  And now it’s showing itself on Facebook.  What do these symbols mean?  What is the point of them?  What … Continue reading

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