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A Message for my Sweet Girl, for You, and for Me

My friend, Karen, has a message for Wordgirl that I would LOVE for you to listen to.

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away for the weekend….called back home

i was able to go away for the weekend up to brainerd, mn. however, my little princess pea got a bad fever and her cough got worse and i didn’t want to leave chris’s cousin home with them by herself. … Continue reading

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literally the night before christmas…

image courtesy of and all through the house. everyone was sleeping but one little mouse. (or significantly large mouse since she is relatively pregnant and GROWING) all the stockings were stuffed with their presents unwrapped, and knowing full well, … Continue reading

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season of time

image courtesy of everything has it’s time. time to play with the superstars. time to do the dishes. time to cuddle with chris. time to ignore the phone. time to exercise. time to take a shower. time to read … Continue reading

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he’s still working on me….

to make me what i ought to took him just a week to make the moon and the starsthe sun and the moon and jupiter and marshow loving and gracious he can besince he’s still working on me! no, … Continue reading

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i failed. FAILED!

i can talk a great game.i can talk ’til i’m blue in the face.i can talk talk talk.but when it comes to actually living it out and doing what i say i am going to do.i don’t.i failed, i tell … Continue reading

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sold out in the dirt

i have been too lofty and too vague. even in real-nonblogging-life. this happens to me when i talk about investments, too. i get the concept. it makes perfect sense. but then in real life, i can’t comprehend how the money … Continue reading

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