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Too Overwhelmed to Organize? Me Too.

To: those of you who are like me.  When a gigantic project lands in your lap, you don’t push it off.  You don’t even touch it with your hands.  You ignore it. …..and ignore it…….and ignore it until one day you … Continue reading

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How to Not Make Money Selling Your Plasma

Because really, that’s what it is.  You aren’t donating  when they pay you for it! First, you ask your non-cousin cousin, Matt (you all remember Matt, right?) if he can come watch the children for approximately 3 hours.  He will … Continue reading

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Have Lots of Children–it doesn’t matter anyway

To the audience of those who don’t think they want more than one or two kids, I have come to a realization that you may find helpful in your quest for determining if you should have more children.  I’m not … Continue reading

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What is a Maggot?

Praying Dear God, What is a maggot?  And why are they so absolutely disgusting?  I don’t think they are a result of the fall because if my studly husband is right (and he generally is), they are baby flies.  And … Continue reading

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The Kid On The Bike

I have been wanting to tell someone this story and everytime I’m with someone I forget.  So I’m going to share it with you! Our driveway is long and narrow.  When Chris needs to leave for work, sometimes we have … Continue reading

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A Cooking Contest

Do you remember how I used to hate cooking? That at 3:30 pm everyday (whether I was working in the office or at home) I would think, “Oh, no.  What are we going to eat for supper!”? Suddenly, with the … Continue reading

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Are You a Fun Mom?

Yesterday we went to the wading pool and met my  girlfriends KM and MK and their kids.  I am not kidding.  Those are their initials.  I never thought about it until now.  They were destined to be friends.  I guess that … Continue reading

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Mid-Life Musings

I suddenly realized that I am in my mid-life.  I will be celebrating my 34th birthday soon, and it recently struck me that I am completely out of my twenties.  I’m not just a little bit out of my twenties.  … Continue reading

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I Loved and Hated Being A Work At Home Mom

When my oldest was a baby, I had the opportunity to continue working with my company from home.  I worked from home for about 18 months.  Then, I had another baby, and the project was finished by the time I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Judging

Teaching My Children It’s Okay to Judge Chris, my husband, likes to tease me mercilessly because I am always saying, “Good Call!”  He finds it funny that I say it about everything:  closing the door, choosing a weather-appropriate outfit, finishing … Continue reading

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