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How to end a garage sale

To: those who don’t know what the end of a garage sale looks like From: The expert of get-it-out-of-my-house-NOW! This is what your garage sale should look like when it’s all said and done.  This is my front step … Continue reading

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Last Chance: My Memories Giveaway

Tomorrow, I will select the winner of my giveaway for  So if you want to enter my giveaway, make sure you do so today!  But going here is an absolute must if you want to enter! This company has been … Continue reading

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An Unconventional Love Story

To: those who love love stories and to those who want to know more about my family From:  Gianna–that’s who Do you see this handsome young man? And this beautiful young lady? This young man is my brother.  Isn’t he … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Week 3

I was thinking back over my organizing time this week and had determined that I was going to have to confess that I had only spent 30 minutes again organizing the basement.  And here’s what I have to show you. … Continue reading

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Garage Sale

I am a liar. A big one. I said I would never have another garage sale, and yet, look at me.  Here I am; sitting on my living room furniture in the middle of my driveway hoping that some passerby … Continue reading

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How to Host a Summer Morning Tea Party

To: Moms who want to enjoy the summer with their little girls and even their little boysFrom:  A Mom who sometimes doesn’t but feels like she should. 1.  Talk about a tea party all summer long but keep pushing it … Continue reading

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I have this awesome sister-in-law!  You all need to meet her.  She is the one who unknowingly inspired me to start blogging.  She is creative, brilliant, tech-savvy, and absolutely wonderful!  (I am sure she is blushing and refusing to read … Continue reading

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"You’re Worth It!"

To: Parents everywhere From: A  Mom who knows it’s time to face the fact that this needs to be talked about. This past week, we learned about someone in our church who has been accused of sexual abuse.  This just … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Week 2

This is what it looked like last Monday And this is what it looks like today. I must confess that I only did 30 minutes instead of 70.  Why you might ask? It must have something to do with 4 … Continue reading

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‘Fessing Up Friday–A Short One

I was gonna fess up today, but I can’t think straight as there is exciting news happening and I can’t think about all my blunders this week. Well, I’ll give you one. . I was busy getting ready for my kids’ … Continue reading

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