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Organizing My Basement Interruption

Guess what we have. Again. AUGH! I was so sure last week that it wasn’t a problem anymore, but apparently, I was wrong! Oh yes. I’m sure you’ve already guess. If you haven’t, let me give you a hint. “They’re … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–You Can’t Bake When You Have "Visitors"

It may look like I’m getting ready to go outside in the bitter March/April weather. I’m not. I am getting ready to go into the basement. Because we are infested. In 4 days, we saw or trapped FIVE mice. FIVE! … Continue reading

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What I would like to say to the Mouse in our House

image courtesy of eburkle Guess what I did today. I’ll give you a hint. <——— I emptied out our silverware drawer and washed everything in it. AGAIN! I would just like to say: I KNEW we shouldn’t have put it … Continue reading

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The "Mouse"

….is actually a mole. Let me tell you about this poor little guy  nasty thing whose coffin is my attempt to be organized with Christmas cards but alas am not. We had a mouse trap.  The kind where you catch … Continue reading

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