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Quick School Explanation

I am NOT against homeschool. I am NOT against private school. I am NOT for public school. I  think I sounded a bit too defensive in my post about school choices.  That was not my intent.  My intent was to … Continue reading

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Our Journey to See Secretariat: Reviewing the Movie

Disney nor any other film affliate has compensated me in any way for this review Secretariat proved to be better than Sea Biscuit (which we liked a lot; I mentioned that we like horse racing movies.)Since I thought I was going … Continue reading

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Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 3

We were excited to see Secretariat.  We like horse racing movies and being that it was a Disney film, it’s pretty certain it will beentertaining. Chris dropped me off at the door of the theatre, and I went up to the … Continue reading

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Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 2

Our journey to see Secretariat Chris needed to rest as he had been needing to awake from his nightly slumbers in the middle of the night 3 days in a row for work. So I let him rest and tried … Continue reading

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Journey to see Secretariat Part 1

Yesterday I was wondering where my husband was 2 hours after he was supposed to be home.Good news!  He came home! We had free passes to see Secretariat which hasn’t been released yet. Without going into detail (I will be … Continue reading

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off the topic of School but on the topic of our Family

Do you know where your husband is? Because I, for one, do not. He was supposed to be home over an hour ago. And we are going to a movie tonight. A free one. Thanks to Blogher.We have babysitters. But … Continue reading

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Her school and her parents

Who is primarily responsible for my Wordgirl’s education? Answer:  ME–her mom and HIM–her dad. Whether I choose to homeschool or send to private or to public, as her parents, we are the ones responsible for her education.  Whether I am … Continue reading

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Speculating about Education

What is the point of an education? My husband and mother in law are probably going to  each have a heart attack as they read that question being that they are educators. But seriously! Why is it important? Is it … Continue reading

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I am surrounded by homeschoolers. I do not feel negative toward homeschooling.  At. All. For some people it is the perfect situation. I am not upset if you choose to homeschool.  Whatever you need to do. But I never thought … Continue reading

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He Doesn’t Understand

As I don’t have a picture right now, you will have to just believe me. While he is sleeping, I can’t very well sneak into his room, strap it to his head, take a picture, and expect to not disturb … Continue reading

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