Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 2

Our journey to see Secretariat

Chris needed to rest as he had been needing to awake from his nightly slumbers in the middle of the night 3 days in a row for work.

So I let him rest and tried to make supper and get it on the table so that we could eat at 5:05 pm and pick up our babysitter and leave in time to get to the prerelease screening of Secretariat.

At 5:15, I sent Dash up to get Daddy.

At 5:20, I sent Wordgirl up to get Daddy who was sent back down with this message: Daddy will come down when it’s supper time.

(sometimes I forget that I haven’t communicated to Chris. Sometimes I believe with all my heart that he knows exactly what is going on in my head. Then, I remember that he is not God. And then? The cycle starts all over again)

At 5:25, I called up to Chris, “We gotta leave in 10-15 minutes to get Reeve.”

At 5:26, we finally have all the superstarts sitting around the table.

At 5:27, Dash decides that he does not want to be at the table.

At 5:28, Dash is trying with his baby quilt to cover a pile of stuff we have in the kitchen waiting for Todd and Andrea to pick up, trips, smashes his lip on the air pump, and starts bleeding like CRAZY!

At 5:29 Chris and I are both trying to soothe him and hold a cold washcloth to his lip and see if there is anything else that is bleeding.

At 5:30, JackJack starts crying.

At 5:32 I get back to the table to smash whatever food I can into my tummy and gobble up both my food and Dash’s.

At 5:34 Wordgirl is very sad about Dash’s lip, starts to cry, and prays for him to feel better.

At 5:35 Princess Pea decides that she doesn’t need to eat anymore and from there it’s a challenge to get her to eat 3 more bites.

At 5:40, Chris decides to leave to pick up our babysitter, Reeve (later her sister will come), and I decide there is NO way I can get the dishes done.

I put the boys in their pajamas and by the time Chris gets back with Reeve, I have been able to nurse JackJack.

After going through instructions of how to do the bedtime thing with 4 children, we walk about the door with me suddenly throwing our contact information at Reeve.

Part 3 is coming tomorrow!


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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One Response to Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 2

  1. AAHHH!! the chaos… sometimes it is so hard, so very very hard to get out the door. hope you had a great time!

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