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after days

after days of being home with my kids and feeling so exhausted and awesome at the same time after days of starting preschool for maya and “preschool” for brin after days of chris working overnights after days of going to … Continue reading

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sold out in the dirt

i have been too lofty and too vague. even in real-nonblogging-life. this happens to me when i talk about investments, too. i get the concept. it makes perfect sense. but then in real life, i can’t comprehend how the money … Continue reading

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everyday sold out

i have been talking (er, writing) big. i still believe everything i have been saying in my last posts. being sold out for Jesus is can you be sold every day when being sold out can be so hard … Continue reading

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for real sold out

the word christian is misused. christian used to mean a follower of Christ. in today’s culture christian means people who try to behave and sometimes go to church. the world is full of people who CLAIM to be christians but … Continue reading

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sold out again—Cross-at-Sunset_web.jpg so this theme has been rearing it’s head in my brain and all around me this weekend. at church, our sunday school class wrapped up our summer series of being evangelicals in our current culture. one of the points … Continue reading

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mothering/fathering/parenting questions and a doctor story

so i know i have some of the cutest kids in the entire world. i do know that and i am forever grateful. but i have some questions:1. when did brin grow up enough to not want her soothie anymore? … Continue reading

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sold out

i have been doing some thinking lately (which in and of itself is amazing and showing that i’m feeling better!) why do so many people follow mckmama’s blog? why are so many people attracted to a great debate? so many … Continue reading

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just the girls

the first night of wednesday night clubs. maya is in her 2nd year of cubbies. i am not in her class this year because i am back with the 3 year olds. i am the ONLY 3 year old teacher … Continue reading

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you gotta love it part 3

the long awaited conclusion of you gotta love it. (i know it’s not really THAT long awaited, but just humor me!) so the whole time i was waiting for chris to come pick me up, i was getting sicker and … Continue reading

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singing in the rain

saturday evening, chris was in the girls’ room with the girls. brin came out as i walked in! the next thing i knew, looking out the window, i saw brin traipsing around in the driveway. we were having a DOWNPOUR! … Continue reading

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