Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 3

We were excited to see Secretariat.  We like horse racing movies and being that it was a Disney film, it’s pretty certain it will beentertaining.

Chris dropped me off at the door of the theatre, and I went up to the ticket booth and asked the lady about being there to see the pre screening of Secretariat.  She asked me for my pass and I told her I wasn’t given a pass.

“I was told to say that my name is on the list and that I should ask for the Disney Representative.”

The Ticket seller lady person then took her walky talky and walked away from me in hushed tones.  And THEN she said, “I’ll be right back.”

I wasn’t trying to muscle my way into the movie!  Was she getting someone to throw me out?  I wasn’t lying!
What could be happening?

She came back and said, “Yep!  Your name is on the list.”

Well, that was easy. I had nothing to be worried about! 

After our friends got there (remember Dave and Amy?  I mentioned them in Part 1), I told the ticket collector my name and he crossed my name off the list! 


We walked into the theatre  and immediately saw that a LOT of seats were reserved!  All we had to do was find 4 seats together.  But with all the reserved seats, that was pretty hard since the theatre was filling up. 

So we bit the bullet and took 4 seats right in the VERY FRONT of the theatre.  You know the seats on the bottom that basically make it so that you have to lay all the way back to be able to see anything?  And make you motion sick! Yeah, those.

Then, I left to go to the bathroom.  Out the wrong exit, so I had to enter the theatre again, walk through it to the other side and out.  tee hee.  I felt a little sheepish.  On my way out, I asked the security guards (who were dressed in suits) who the reserved seats were for. 

“Oh.  Well, I guess that’s not me.”

And on my way to the bathroom I went.  But as I was doing my thing in the bathroom, I thought maybe me writing a blog counts.  Maybe I am part of the press.  Nah, probably not.  Well, it couldn’t hurt to ask.  No, I’m sure it doesn’t include me.  Maybe I’ll ask the guards anyway.  No, I bet they don’t even know what a blog is. Okay, well, I will just sit in my seat that we have in the veeeerrrrryyyyy front of the theatre and be happy that I have a chance to see this movie.

As I entered the theatre again, I was heading to my seat when I looked at the reserved signs on the back of the chairs at the lowest level of the tiered seating (the stadium seating).

That’s when I saw this!

I had my name all over 7 seats!  In the best part of the theatre!  The first row of the stadium seats.  So we could put our feet up on the railing in front of us and not bug anyone. 

We went from the absolute WORST seats to the absolute BEST seats (well, in my opinion).

And not only that…….

I was considered THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Ol’ ME!  The press! 


Was I totally cool with it? 
Oh, yeah!  Completely cool, as I, throughout the theatre,shouted, “Chris!  AMY!  THESE ARE MY SEATS!  My name is on THESE seats!  We’ve got RESERVED seats!”  We made this huge production of settling into our perfect seats.  Not on purpose.  We were just so excited!  And dumbfounded!  Just think if one of us ever becomes famous FOR REAL.  We will make such FOOLS of ourselves!

After we claimed our seats, the Disney representative, who I was supposed to ask for when I got my name crossed off, came over to say hi, introduced herself, and explained that I needed to give her my opinion when it was over.

That was it. 
And THAT was why I was given a reserved seat (or more specially 7 seats).

PS Chris, Amy, and I could NOT get over how cool it was.  Dave thought it was cool, too, but I was so excited that I wasn’t making any sense, so he just rolled with the punches. 


About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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6 Responses to Our Journey to see Secretariat Part 3

  1. Wow, that is too cool!!

  2. Mamma Bird says:

    Wow, and to think I know you, a famous person. (Smile.) Now, I feel cooler. So, how did you like the movie?

  3. librariane says:


    And the part about the ticket lady talking in hushed tones cracked me up. I also would wonder what was going on… thinking that I truly am legit, why are they making such a big deal? etc. etc.

  4. Taylor says:

    Sounds exciting! 🙂

  5. Dana says:

    Well … it sounds like WE sure missed out 🙂

  6. Jenny Aust says:

    You are FAMOUS! And you're my friend! I know, really know, a famous person!

    SO COOL!

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