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operation christmas child: 2009 edition

once again this year, we participated in making christmas boxes for operation christmas child. it is SO fun to get the kids involved. we prayed for these boxes. in fact, we gave our little girls names to pray for them … Continue reading

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i just LOVE

when i get help with the dishes. and then there is a lake all over the kitchen floor. oh, i try so HARD not to get frustrated as my superstars discover and learn as they get soaked and then fall … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: wordgirl’s masterpieces

join angie from seven clown circus for more picture fun!we’ve had these magnadoodles since christmas, and the girls would kind of like them and then forget about them.forget about them for a long time.especially wordgirl.princess pea really really liked it, … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: "if you keep finding beans, it’s not truly clean"

join me at angie’s seven clown circus for another day of fun pictures! i don’t know if i’ve shown you this picture before, but it got me thinking. about the messes that i make in my own life. usually i … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday:one last look at halloween fun

the process of getting these beauties carved.the girls decided what they would look like. the singer, the smiler, the sleeper daddy making the first cut! what do you think? do you think they smelled good? come on, girls, it’s not … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: brin’s friend

i love to participate in wordful wednesday with angie from seven clown circus. join us! this past may and june, our neighbor’s daughter has been up from florida. she has a little girl who is one day shy of being … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: i’m sorry but this is SOOO funny

angie from seven clown circus hosts this carnival and i love participating each week. i may not have much to say, but there’s always a little something! dane was happily playing in his room, the girls were doing their “binder … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday.

i know he is almost 4 weeks old, but i just got this picture from dacia. “you’re kind of nasty.” what a special moment! welcome, micah! you can see more wordful wednesday posts at seven clown circus.

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wordful wednesday: the messy little kid

head on over to angie’s SevEn cLoWn CirCus to join in the fun of wordful wednesday. i don’t know what to do about brin’s head. she’s got BEAUTIFUL hair when it is washed and brushed (whether it is pulled back … Continue reading

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wordful wednesday: the prettiest 4 year old ever

angie from seven clown circus invites us to join her in blabbing about our awesome pictures! it is so hard to capture maya’s beauty in a picture. i once said it was like trying to capture the sunset. she is … Continue reading

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