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Reactive Airways

I have bronchitis. Isn’t this exciting?Look at the mom who can’t breathe. Look at the mom who can’t talk. Look at the mom who seems to need to concentrate or she will pass out. How long is this going to take? Well, I … Continue reading

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a normal look at our house

dash fights us if we don’t let him have his neb. he doesn’t even NEED one anymore since his cough was all related to reflux when he was a baby! but instead of fighting (some things are just not worth … Continue reading

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literally the night before christmas…

image courtesy of and all through the house. everyone was sleeping but one little mouse. (or significantly large mouse since she is relatively pregnant and GROWING) all the stockings were stuffed with their presents unwrapped, and knowing full well, … Continue reading

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weekend thoughts: unbelievable

i know that in the long run this doesn’t ultimately matter. i know that God is big and i am small. i know that right now i am being very self-centered. i know that i need to focus more on … Continue reading

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what’s the point?

what is the point of my blog? is it a journal into which i can pour my heart? is it a place to document my kids’ rapidly changing lives? is it a place for me to make friends? is it … Continue reading

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i have never liked the game tag–until now!

i hated tag as a kid. i thought it was the most annoying game. what was fun about being chased and then chasing and not catching anyone? nothing! however, after reading micah’s blog at silver linings, i discovered with pure … Continue reading

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one beautiful morning in may

cf walk: what could that be? it’s like any other “walk.” you walk 3 to 5 miles for a cause like breast cancer or the humane society or multiple sclerosis. this one just happens to be for cf. cf stands … Continue reading

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norway, norwhat, norwex

photo courtesy of i have so much running through my mind, but i am going to concentrate on norwex.a while ago, i mentioned i was going to talk about my new favorite thing: put it simply, norwex is … Continue reading

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on your mark….get set….go!

i like races. (even nascar! talledega, anyone? go jimmy johnson! go casey kahne! for chris–go carl edwards! go mark martin!) however, i am talking about running races. if there is one thing i am not, though, it’s competitive okay, i … Continue reading

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i am gianna

who ever thought i would want to get ready to run races…. in school, i was SCARED of the day we had to run the mile! and we had to run it twice each year. it was an accomplishment to … Continue reading

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