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Dash’s secret thoughts at 2!

Where is Dash? I thought I just saw him a minute ago!  It’s your birthday!  Hey, Dash!  It’s your birthday and I wanna be just LIKE you! Since this is my snack shelf (and mom and dad don’t know why), … Continue reading

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Locked Out

After an emotional early morning at the doctor’s office with ALL the superstars (it was just for the boys, but I couldn’t very well leave my supergirls at home alone, now, could I?), we had planned to meet my friends … Continue reading

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The Age of Change

We have a situation at our house. One that cannot be ignored. As we have lost ALL but one nuk at our house for Dash, we are now in survival mode. Survival mode equals not losing the remaining nuk. And … Continue reading

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Catchy Title? AAAHHH! I can’t stand the pressure!

PressureAccording to , it means1.the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it: the pressure of earth against a wall. 2.Physics. force per unit area. Symbol: PCompare stress (def. 6). 3.Meteorology. atmospheric … Continue reading

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Extreme or Paranoid?

wordgirl–our beauty queen!  don’t you just love her plastered pool swirled hair?  (and by the way, this picture has NOTHING to do with my post, but I thought it was kind of funny!) Confession time: I am extreme.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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After 5 Years, I Finally Did It

Reading Janna’s post about 2nd hand smoke inspired me today. “To do what,”  you ask. To talk to my neighbor about his smoking?To work even harder at my job (of which further details to come) for smoking cessation? To educate … Continue reading

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This was my old blog description:  I am traveling through life and thoughts travel through my head. Sometimes they stop and sometimes they keep going until they are gone forever! Check out my new one. (under the title)______________________________Not much cereal … Continue reading

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Questions for you Because I don’t know

What is the advantage of having a flickr account? Should I get one? I want to be able to use photos without infringing any copyright laws (at best) and this might be a good way to do it? Help! 

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A Peek into our life

Wordgirl–Mom, why do Construction workers do construction? Mom (2 days later)–They are called construction workers BECAUSE they do construction.___________________________________________ Wordgirl, Fourdatzky, Princess Pea, and I were on a walk (while Dash was at home with Chris) and we were talking … Continue reading

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Since I am pretty much completely computer illiterate, I took pictures. And since I am not a very good photographer, you can totally see my shadow in most of them. And since I am a crazy busy mommy, I laid … Continue reading

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