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little sister saturday

she wouldn’t get dressed and she thought she was the funniest thing ever! since maya went to her 2nd drop off birthday party in the last month, we decided to do something special with brin. while maya was playing dress … Continue reading

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milestone month

look who’s got a tooth! months before his sisters got their teeth, dane decided to be ahead of the game. he isn’t even 9 months yet! this is crazy! maya got her first tooth 1 week before she turned one. … Continue reading

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happy birthday in the spirit of the office

Dwight Schrute: D******, he put my stapler in jello again! [Points to Michael]Dwight Schrute: You can be a witness to this.Jim Halpert: [eating jello] How do you know it was me?picture courtesy of…/01/30/1201735576_8883.jpg this was not her face after … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday: gigantic snowflakes

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i live my life in chaos. i am surrounded by clutter.i know that most of us have a little clutter, but i’m talking about so much clutter that i am incapacitated to do anything about it because i am so … Continue reading

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not me monday

my most favorite blog carnival ever was created by mcmama yesterday, i did NOT think, “oh, no! do i have any not me’s for tomorrow’s post?” this week, i did NOT find myself in the pit of despair thinking that … Continue reading

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my new favorite

photo courtesy of… i am super slow in the uptake, but thanks to my co-workers/friends, shawna and jeanelle, i have been introduced to the ever famous the office. i knew it was funny. when people would quote from it, … Continue reading

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you know you are________when you_______:

you know you are a mother of 3 little ones when only 2 of you are dressed and one of the two is you! and that’s the first time EVER since number 3 has been born (coincidentally that has been … Continue reading

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my take on your questions

in my post named i want a post, i talked about romans 8:28. ruhama made a comment about what God sees as good, we may not see as good. my brother responded with a good question that i wanted to … Continue reading

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knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door

if you haven’t been following my daily notes about eating healthy and exercising, you haven’t noticed that for days now i have been sick.i am not trying to be a baby.really, i’m not. it’s just that i’m DYING! okay, so … Continue reading

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