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in my post named i want a post, i talked about romans 8:28. ruhama made a comment about what God sees as good, we may not see as good. my brother responded with a good question that i wanted to address, but i haven’t been very diligent to do that.

his question was how can God’s view of good be different from my own? especially if God is supposed to be good.

that is an awesome question. good IS good. usually. however, the process is not always a great process. i think it’s good for my girls’ hair to be combed out without snarls. the process to get those snarls combed out is definitely not perceived by brin and maya as good. maya screams and cries and yells at me to be GENTLE! (and i am trying, i promise). brin growls like a monster, “ddddoooooNNNN”TTTTT DO DAT!” and then she tries to lunge forward away from my mean hand and comb.

sometimes what we think is good ISN’T good. like eating 4 bowls of chocolate ice cream. oh, it sure tastes delicious and i totally enjoyed it on the way down, but my body wasn’t made to eat 4 bowls of ice cream in a day (oh, how i want to!). i will feel sick, i will gain weight, i will be a bad example for my kids, i may battle heart disease, etc.

we need a standard for what is good. i believe that God is good. and his word tells me what is good. if i am becoming more and more like him, then that’s good. if i am looking for a way to satisfy myself, that’s not the goal, so therefore, not so good.

on to my next topic without being too long winded.

in my post nancy leigh demoss part 2, shawna asked why i think nancy leigh demoss’s outlook on children is less legite than someone who has kids. (and shawna, i don’t remember all the lies that she talked about, i just remember thinking, that’s easy for you to say since you haven’t been in my shoes) i am glad that i live in the this country to express my opinions freely and that others can as well. she can share all her opinions all she wants and she is free to do that and her points are valid. i guess my point is, if i have a question about marriage, i go to someone who has been married longer than i have; not to maya. if i have a question about raising kids, i go to my mom or to women at work or church who have children much older than mine or the same age as mine; not to brin. if i feel like i’m going to cry over finances, i talk to my mom and dad who struggled the whole time when i was growing up. i value someone’s opinion much more if they have walked in my shoes. i don’t like being preached at by someone who has idealistic ambitions but no sweat or tears behind it! i guess that was my point in all of that.

one last question, and then i am going to bed–i am STILL SICK!

in my post, what is on my mind? shawna asked me about if i don’t celebrate valentine’s day because of commercialism, what about easter and christmas. (i’m not trying to pick on shawna, i just like answering questions and she asks REALLY good questions!)

christmas, whether it is commercialized or not, jesus was born. easter, whether it is commercialized or not, jesus rose from the dead. valentine’s day, commercialized or not, is about your valentine. and forbidden marriages. and about committments to our loved ones. okay, okay, okay. so i am kind of off on this one, but for the sake of our marriage, we don’t celebrate it! we do, however, celebrate our anniversary because commercialized or not, we got married!


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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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One Response to my take on your questions

  1. shawna b says:

    1. i wasn’t suggesting you take advice from maya. but we are still not to look down on youth or not take them seriously beacuse of their age. with your logic only people who expereinced for example addiction could treat addition. or doctors who have had cancer can only treat cancer patients. but we know this is not true. we get advice from doctors all the time even if they may have never experienced cancer…and often we’re able to find comfort in them.i dont disagree with you, if you want advice from your mom for raising your kids, or married women in your church for insight on marriage.. is fine. what i am saying, is that you dont have to have identical struggles to offer insightful wisdom on the issue. you say that you value someone’s opinon so much more if they have walked in your shoes.. it just makes me wonder how much wisdom you may have considered illegiate by your own biases.jesus didn’t struggle with raising kids or marriage.. but we still go to him and expect him to teach us about these things.2. valentines day is not and has not always been completely commericial. “so whether or not its commercialized” is still about honoring God’s servant st. valentine. you celebrate your anniversary because you got married, but you dont celebrate valentines day because one comment you made was about celebrating love everyday. why isn’t your anniversary considered in the same light? 3. i dont care if you want advice from similar sources of struggle or you dont want to celebrate v day. .. i just trying to follow the logic. i wuv you and we can talk about this later. but really that’s all i had to say anyway, it doesnt need to be drawn out. p.s. i loooove the office segement.

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