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Organizing the Basement Week 9

In the basement, I didn’t do anything this week. Unless you count the 7 loads of laundry, sweeping the floor, picking up the toys, moving the play kitchen, and stocking the shelves in the pantry. Yeah, I didn’t think so. But you know … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Interruption

Guess what we have. Again. AUGH! I was so sure last week that it wasn’t a problem anymore, but apparently, I was wrong! Oh yes. I’m sure you’ve already guess. If you haven’t, let me give you a hint. “They’re … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 8

Our basement floor is permanently stained with concrete dust. I literally poured cups of water onto the floor and scrubbed it with a scrubbing brush (ideal, don’t you think?) and you want to know what happened? It moved around. But … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 7

We made some major progress!  Let me tell you! Well, kind of. It may not be what you would consider major progress, but it is. Believe me! I am feeling a wave of hope. A wave of “Oh, I think … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 6

This week when it came to the basement, Chris got involved. Majorly! Check out what he did. This would be our sump pump completely finished except for the covering Chris wants to make so that we can add the 4th leg … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 5

Do you remember how my basement looked last week? Let me remind you. Now, let me show you how it looked after this weeks progress. Oh, no, but only worse! Let me show you the highlights   We have added … Continue reading

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Organizing the Basement Week 4

The basement–oh, the basement. Have you ever had the feeling that you will never accomplish anything?I’m starting to feel that way. Because even though I have spent about 3 hours (I know it’s supposed to be 4, but I’m just … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Week 3

I was thinking back over my organizing time this week and had determined that I was going to have to confess that I had only spent 30 minutes again organizing the basement.  And here’s what I have to show you. … Continue reading

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Organizing My Basement Week 2

This is what it looked like last Monday And this is what it looks like today. I must confess that I only did 30 minutes instead of 70.  Why you might ask? It must have something to do with 4 … Continue reading

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