Organizing the Basement Week 8

Our basement floor is permanently stained with concrete dust. I literally poured cups of water onto the floor and scrubbed it with a scrubbing brush (ideal, don’t you think?) and you want to know what happened?

It moved around.

But it didn’t come off the floor.

How in the world am I going to do this?

You can’t even paint over it because the paint won’t stick.  If you can move the concrete dust around, that’s a problem.  And yet, it won’t lift off the floor.

I’m seriously contemplating hiring a professional.

Like we did with the mice.

Which by the way, I think it’s time for a mice update.

They are still gone! 

We haven’t seen them for 6 months!

And this is a good thing, too, because now our warranty is expired.

Don’t come back you little beastie beasts!

Back to my basement floor–does anyone know of a reputable concrete dust removal professional?  I’m willing to pay top dollar!

Or no dollar–whichever you prefer!  (Please pick the no dollar! Consider it a donation to charity for your company and it can be a tax write off!)

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I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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2 Responses to Organizing the Basement Week 8

  1. traceybelle says:

    I remembered hearing recently on some DIY-type show that if you add some other cleaning agent to the water it cleans up concrete dust better, but couldn't remember what, and a quick Google search came up with this:

    “Dilute 12 ounces of hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon of water and use soft cotton rags to wipe the surfaces. Water alone doesn't pick up all of the particles and requires multiple cleanings; this solution actually suspends the particles, and makes it easier for the rag to absorb them.”


    Another how-to article suggested 1 cup of ammonia per gallon of water.

  2. gianna says:

    What would I do without my cousin?

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