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the girls: a long OVERDUE update

What is more adorable than sisters? Especially sisters who love each other! My mom made those ducky fleece sweatshirts and I think they are the cutest things ever! Brin’s favorite activity is to dig through the laundry (or her drawers) … Continue reading

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a family affair

This is a green anaconda (I think). He resides at Como Zoo.This is Maya and Brin looking at Green Anaconda.This is Green Anaconda looking at Maya!This is Green Anaconda looking at Brin! Uncle Bryan and Aunt Carissa would be so … Continue reading

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thursday surprise

So this Thursday, I knew there would be something to report.Surprised work with Valentine Day cookies.Surprised my girls with Valentine Day treats.Surprised my husband for his birthday:Chris’s birthday is Sunday, February 17, and his sister came up to surprise him … Continue reading

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I can’t believe it!

This Thursday! I can’t believe something actually happened today! I really didn’t think it would! Okay, so I sit at the front desk of the clinic I work for. Today at approximately 11:00, 2 people walked into our clinic dressed … Continue reading

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