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How to Make Cowboy Cupcakes Complicated

Step 1.  Decide you are going to make Cowboy Cupcakes. Step 2.  Realize that you have NO IDEA what that means. Step 3.  Buy little plastic horses without a clue as what to do with them. Step 4.  Look up … Continue reading

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A Pioneer Weekend

-It all started with a Cowboy Birthday party. Ain’t he the cutest little Cowboy you ever did see? Thank you!  I completely agree. The Cowboy birthday party included chuckwagon food:  Cowboy beans, Cornbread, jello, Tuna Noodle Salad, chips, kool-aid.  You … Continue reading

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Welfare and the Church

I was listening to Christian Talk Radio which is really more like the Preaching Station:  And I totally love it.  I was in between listening to Chip Ingram and James McDonald or maybe it was David Jeremiah and Woodrow Crowle.  … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–It’s ALIVE!

Joy from This Crazy Wonderful Life sent me her mom’s sweet bread recipe. And let me tell you:  That is some good stuff.  I could sit down and eat a whole loaf in about 3 minutes.  It MELTS in your mouth. … Continue reading

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Give It Away

I have to admit that somethings come to be naturally. Like my ability to to whip up  an amazing, to die for JELL-O delicious treat that cannot be called salad as there is absolutely no nutritional value in it. Other things … Continue reading

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I Am An Unlikely Cook

I made this! This is incredibly exciting as I completely made it up! I was going to bake some chicken and make a simple pasta salad with italian dressing and mozzarella and pepperoni.  We had the pasta, and it was already … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–Bake or Break?

I was going to tell you all about my need to get a recipe from Joy (a fellow MN blogger who I have come to adore!)  I love her stories of her gigantic family!  Okay, so she only has one … Continue reading

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