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Somethings you might have overheard at our house: “Take your foot out of your cereal.” “I don’t have a crack in my head anymore!” Or not. I’m just saying you might have overheard it here.

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Storygirl Pokes Her Head Out of Her Shell

She insisted that after she was all decked out that she looked just like me. Can anyone please tell me how this could possibly be true?  I just don’t see the resemblence to anything I wear. (so okay, it’s my … Continue reading

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Before and After

Isn’t he handsome? His shirt says it all! Before And After I caught myself thinking, “What is he going to look like with a bald head?” I sufficiently reprimanded myself by saying, “He spent his first full two years of life without … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–Big Bread

  I am only on week 6 (I think) and I am already “starting over.”  My brother’s recipe was great!  However, it didn’t make a good loaf of bread.  It made great artisan bread and AWESOME pizza crust.  But a … Continue reading

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Sweet Girl’s Gift

The other day, Chris’s Uncle M and Aunt S were in town from Indiana.  In the past year, they have been to MN like 3 times and in the past 2 years, we have been to IN 2 times.  This … Continue reading

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What I would like to say to the Mouse in our House

image courtesy of eburkle Guess what I did today. I’ll give you a hint. <——— I emptied out our silverware drawer and washed everything in it. AGAIN! I would just like to say: I KNEW we shouldn’t have put it … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–5 Minutes?

Some of you mentioned in one of my first bread posts about the 5 minute artisan bread.  To be honest, at first I ignored you all! I said out loud to myself, “Yeah, that’s great, but I want to make … Continue reading

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I Heart My Sweet Peas & Buddies

This what we did on Heart Day. Sure, they are all smiles NOW! Storygirl was anything but when Kelly was cutting her hair! Conversation Storygirl:  Since we are twins… Sweet Girl: We are NOT twins Storygirl:  Since we aren’t twins … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada You’ve got Cool t-shirts.

Ignore the hair that needs a cut! Ignore the fluffy belly (thanks, Taylor, for the perfect word fluffy–not that you ever called me fluffy because we aren’t friend IRL or URL.  I just happen to want to be exactly like … Continue reading

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Mastering Bread–So this is how it’s going to be, huh?

My goal is to make bread out of the basic ingredients–flour, yeast, water, salt–to make my efforts financially worth it. This week, I decided again to deviate from the 4 basic ingredients.  My great sister-friend*, Andrea, makes AWESOME bread in … Continue reading

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