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A Traveling Thought: Are You a Fun Mom?

A Traveling Thought: Are You a Fun Mom?

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Are You a Fun Mom?

Yesterday we went to the wading pool and met my  girlfriends KM and MK and their kids.  I am not kidding.  Those are their initials.  I never thought about it until now.  They were destined to be friends.  I guess that … Continue reading

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Mid-Life Musings

I suddenly realized that I am in my mid-life.  I will be celebrating my 34th birthday soon, and it recently struck me that I am completely out of my twenties.  I’m not just a little bit out of my twenties.  … Continue reading

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I Loved and Hated Being A Work At Home Mom

When my oldest was a baby, I had the opportunity to continue working with my company from home.  I worked from home for about 18 months.  Then, I had another baby, and the project was finished by the time I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Judging

Teaching My Children It’s Okay to Judge Chris, my husband, likes to tease me mercilessly because I am always saying, “Good Call!”  He finds it funny that I say it about everything:  closing the door, choosing a weather-appropriate outfit, finishing … Continue reading

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The one where I am talking about how I always talk about poop or puke….

Disclaimer:  I’m just going to warn you that if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to continue reading.  I am going to try not to go into the gory details, but I cannot promise that–especially if the … Continue reading

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A Big Family?

It’s family picture day today at church. The last time our church did a photo directory, Wordgirl was the same age that JackJack is now. That was 6 years ago! When we had only one child! This is absolutely crazy! … Continue reading

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Many Colored Days

Sir is surprising talented. He couldn’t speak for so long that it’s always surprising what he does know. Now, I must confess. This is another poorly shot video (at the end), but you gotta listen carefully and at the end, … Continue reading

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A Soft Prayer

You have to listen very carefully, but this is an example of what we hear when Storygirl volunteers to pray.

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A MyersBriggs Personality

I just learned that I am a ESFJ.  I took the MyersBriggs test online and that is what I found out. I know!  But not be alarmed.  No one was hurt in the administration of this test. First of all, … Continue reading

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