just another day at children’s hospital, minneapolis

today was dane’s big day. i was slightly worried that he wouldn’t be able to get his ear tubes because he got a cold after his pre-op physical. but he didn’t have a fever so all was well. phew!
we brought the girls over to abby and lydia’s house for a sleepover (thanks, dacia, for taking care of 5 children: 3 months, 2, 3, 4, 5! YOu are the best!), so that i would be able to concentrate solely on dane!
last night we woke him up at 10:00 to eat a banana and give him some tylenol. this morning, i got him up, dressed, and out the door by 7:25. things go so much faster when there is only one child and not 3! (not that i would trade them for anything.)

we are about to leave the house and mister dane was just waking up. we got into the surgery waiting area and after we had all his vitals checked, dane was allowed to play with the toys. oh, there were great toys! twice i caught him crawling through the barn that was made for dolls, but he is such a little squirt, he was able to fit himself through without a problem! it was like he didn’t even know that he hadn’t eaten for like 10 hours!

there were 2 other people waiting for their little guy to get done with his surgery. as soon as they came to play (a 4 year old girl and her very cool daddy), dane crawled over to them and started to play. they were his new best friends.

i’m not kidding!
they left to use the bathroom, and dane wanted to follow them through the double doors. as soon as they came back, he was all smiles and happiness!

after playing for a little while, dane was called back by the anestethiologist (totally sp) and we walked into a darkened room with lots and lots of star lights shining on the ceiling. he LOVED them. once the nurse held his arms down, dane breathed in the anesthethia and was soon out. i think it helped that i got to be right in front him, talking to him.

he’s such a great sport. the surgery went well. no major complications. his ear canal on his left side was really really small so they had to use a super small tube! the regular sized tube is dinky so i can’t even imagine a smaller tube. crazy!
coming out of recovery was not to easy for him. he got a little sick a couple of times but mostly, he was completely out of sorts. he wouldn’t stop crying. after a 1/2 hour, the nurse came in (a very cool nurse) and said, “can i make a suggestion?” i was all ears. “why don’t you just go home?”
to which i replied, “i was thinking the same thing.”
so i got dane dressed and immediately, he calmed down and rested on my shoulder.
right now, he is resting calmly in his crib and i think i might, too!

About giannarae

I am a child of God who has been given the humbling job of being a wife and a mother to 4. Those whom He has given to me are my Sweet Peas and Buddies and one Honey.
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5 Responses to just another day at children’s hospital, minneapolis

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an incredible staff there at the hospital. I am glad all went well for you and your sweet one!

  2. Jenny Aust says:

    I'm so glad things went well! I remember when Caleb had his renal scan…I remember him crying and crying and crying (and wanting his blankie), and finally a nurse said, “take him home.” He was so happy to get home! It's scary, even if it's a small procedure! I hope this helps little Dane feel better now!

  3. librariane says:

    I'm really glad to hear the 'not eating for a long time' part went well. Praise God for that one!

  4. Arletta Rue says:

    He looks so very small!.. The tears just rolled when I saw him laying with the face mask on… I am so glad all went well.

  5. So glad things went well for your little guy…what a champ!

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